H&S - Adding single pouches to existing subscriptions?

Hi Guys

I remember seeing some posts a month ago with the release of H&S where staff were saying that H&S would be available to add as single pouches to existing subscriptions, however i can’t seem to be able to do that.

Was that not something that happened or am i missing something? As i can’t add less than 3 when i try to add on to my next delivery and i can only add powder to the subscription itself.


they changed it recently so you could add to subscriptions and the H&S appears to be there?

Could you tell me how you get to that screen?

I’m going on a PC using Chrome, going to Upcoming Deliveries, selecting Add To Order, I get presented with the groupings (H&S, RTD, Powder etc) select H&S and it doesn’t let me add to the order unless i have a combined quantity of 3 items

And if i edit the subscription itself i see only powders

Ignore me.
I am an idiot and i didn’t scroll down on the main account screen


glad thats sorted :slight_smile: I saw the information here originally

I see it says scoop and mixing pot not included. Can that be ordered separately? I can’t find them in the store.

scoops can - currently pots are in short supply so not yet on the store as a separate accessory.

Not for those single pouches @MunchScreamer, if you’ve already got your Huel Powder then you can use that scoop as it is the same. As Phil says, pots are in short supply and we’ve only just opened pots up for EU customers. However, one of the benefits of Hot & Savoury is you don’t need a special device (a shaker),a good old fashioned bowl will do the trick!

There’s also some chatter here about the best thermos-style travel pots for Hot & Savoury