Can I mix Huel with something other than water

Hi Guys

I’ve just had my first Huel Berry drink today and it was very powdery and I struggled to drink it.

Am I able to mix it with maybe Kefir or coconut milk instead of just water?

I’ve purchased, Berry, Vanilla & Strawberries & Cream, but the texture really puts me off.

Please help, I need this to work.

Many thanks


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Hi @KirstyK yes you can use any of the plant milks but not too sure about kefir. As at least some of the plant milks contain thickeners you would need to experiment with amounts plus water. It certainly does make it more creamy.

Thanks Bee, that really helpful.

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Btw have you tried blending or leaving to stand in the fridge for a few hours? It does change the texture a bit.

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Blending is a good choice for new users struggling with the texture and as Bee said – you can play around with milks & water mixes. Treating it like a smoothie and blending in a little frozen fruits as well as water will also give you a thicker and smoother texture.

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as @Bee and @Phil_C have suggested you can mix your Huel with whatever suits your taste preference best! and one of the best things about Huel is how customizable it is to your liking. I personally like to add 50/50 water & coconut milk to mine but it’s worth experimenting to find a mixture that suits you.