Can only add single bottles of RTD when placing an order containing powder


I need to order some more bars in the next few days and I would like to add 1 bottle of each RTD flavour onto my order but the option to add them isn’t there. The option does come up if I add some powder to my order but only vanilla and berry, chocolate is not there. If I remove the powder after adding the bottles it also removes the bottles.

Is this a website bug or is there another reason why it cannot be done?


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The option doesn’t come up for me anymore regardless of what I put in my basket…

I think @Bee had this issue also

It seems to offer you this option once only?
Not as an on-going add-on

Saying that, I’ve had issues adding anything into my orders. Flavour boosts for example: I add them and they appear on my order but then disappear after check out.
In the end I had to order it by email as there appeared to be no other way of successfully purchasing it.

So, yeah, I think the add-on feature of the website is broken

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Yes, for some reason it only appears possible to add single bottles of RTD with a one time purchase of powder and only Vanilla and Berry flavours, not Chocolate. The only way RTD will add to subscription orders of powder is by adding a whole crate of the stuff.

@Tim_Huel help!

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The whole e-commerce section, if you can call it that, is in serious need of a redesign.


This is intended, I’ll explain why.

We are offering this to give Hueligans the chance to try RTD with their orders of powder. It’s possible to add a single bottle to RTD to all new powder orders that go through the website (both one off and subscriptions, but not adding it to ongoing subscriptions). the bottles can be added by scrolling down in the cart (see below)

We decided to not offer chocolate initially for a number of reasons, but it will be available to buy as single bottle with an order of powder imminently. Might even be up now.

Does that help answer your guys’ questions?

Seems a bit of a rash comment, would love for you to elaborate so we can help you out. Do you mean the website homepage, the purchase flow, the account management. What is it you don’t like, are things not working that should be working - if so which ones?

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@Tim_Huel it’s not just the adding on RTDs that doesn’t work though - adding flavour boosts etc also doesn’t work (well it works but then doesn’t appear on your order after a couple of minutes even though it was there before).
The customer experience team sorted my personal problem :+1:t2: but I think the general problem of not being able to add anything extra onto a subscription is still an issue.

That explanation of adding single RTDs makes sense - I thought that might be the case because it offered me the option one time only.

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Hi. Yeah, I’ll admit, it came out of frustration explained in more detail in another thread (2 bag minimum). Sorry!

If you want, you can check my support request 200376 for even further frustrations.

So that I don’t come across like a total asshole, here’s an example of a sillybum order I can create and complete, while I can’t buy a single bag of Huel + some bars:

It does somewhat. I guess I am not the target market with your thinking. I am happy with the powder and bars for my Huel fix but as an occasional treat I would like a bottle of RTD. As the mechanism already exists to add single bottles onto a larger order I assumed it would apply to bars and granola.


‘Tis indeed up now. Just ordered a single bottle each of Chocolate and Berry RTD (I’ve tried the Vanilla before). That was on my one off order of 5 bags of powder (Banana, Mint Choc, Chocolate and 2x Vanilla) plus Rhubarb and Custard flavour boost to try. I don’t have a subscription as I’m still trying out new flavours and seeing what I settle on.

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Why not allow adding it to ongoing subscriptions though? Is this a technical limitation which you intend to fix, or is it intentional that one shouldn’t be allowed to add a single bottle of RTD to ongoing subscriptions?

Also, if one has an ongoing subscription and wants to try a single RTD bottle, can one remove the subscription and create another one, thereby making it a “new order”? Is there any penalty for this?

And what about single bars? I’m already ordering two bags of powder, surely you can throw in a single bar into the same box (and charge me for it, of course).

I assume you’d want satisfied Huel powder customers to also be able to try out other Huel products easily…

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I asked the same question re bars and they said that at the moment it’s not possible (I got the impression that it’s currently about logistics more than anything else)

As for cancelling the sub and creating a new order and adding a single RTD - yes you can do that. I think they limited it to single orders only as its intended to be to allow people to try it once rather adding it to every subscription which would repeat.
Now RTDs are available in shops, you can probably pick one up locally soon.