Can’t wait to try

I’m really looking forward to trying Huel just hope my order arrives soon been waiting since Friday morning for delivery or even dispatch

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There seems to be a bit of a delay at the moment. This isn’t normally the case and can only assume its down to the pingdemic

Sorry for the delay, Clare! We’re working hard to get orders out, it’s extremely busy at the moment but we’re working hard to sort it out. Really excited for you and I know it will be worth the wait.

What Huel and which flavours have you gone for?

I’ve gone for vanilla and berry and then three savoury I’ve heard good things about them :blush:

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I love berry, you made a wise choice!

Strawberries and Cream is the way to go!

Also H&S hope you went for Chilli, it’s by far the best.

Yes chilli, madras and tomato :blush:

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Thats two of my regulars, i have a subscription for Chilli, Madras and Thai Green Curry

those are my 3 go to also.

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