Candida diet

Can Huel be used as part of a candida diet?

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Basically, yes. But I’d add in a probiotic yogurt or similar (two drinks or pots of yogurt a day rather than one) to replenish the bacteria that normally keep candida in check.

Huel contains very little sugar and is unusually low GI, which is what makes it so suitable for people with diabetes. Candida thrives on sugar so any diet aimed at lowering the risk of candidiasis needs to be low in sugar - for people with diabetes thrush outbreaks are a sure sign that blood glucose is out of whack. Before Huel I was getting so many candida outbreaks that I had fluconazole and canesten cream on repeat prescription as my GP knew that I know what thrush looks and feels like. In the year since I started using Huel, I’ve had no problems at all with thrush, even though I add enough fruit or juice to a Huel meal to make the sugar content of the meal about 10g.

Thank you so much for your helpful response, the fruit thing has always confused me, some people say it’s not advisable to eat fruit but others say it’s ok. Do you think it’s ok for me to add fruit to my diet

It’s such a misunderstood illness and unless someone suffers with it they have no idea how debilitating it is, the brain fog the fatigue and all other symptoms

It’s misunderstood because most people think of Candida as purely genital thrush, without knowing that it can be a systemic infection. So they don’t associate it with diet. Candida has been an enemy of humans for so long that the vagina (as a place more prone to it) has evolved a symbiotic relationship with lactobacilli as out-colonising it is easier than killing it for our immune system. Fascinating stuff really! Very similar things happen with gut flora, hence why probiotics help.
I think with the fruit thing, it’s about moderation- sugar may encourage growth of Candida but starches are broken down into sugars anyway, so you can’t avoid them completely.
I know some home remedies for thrush but unfortunately I don’t think they’d work for a systemic infection as they all work by aiding the aforementioned lactobacilli.

Huel is low GI, so it should be perfect.

Thank you that makes sense :slight_smile: