Is Huel ok if you have Candida?


Can anyone offer advice if Huel is ok if you have Candida? Not looking for answers to consult my local doctor :wink:

I have been using Huel for a while for flights and travel as hard to get foods I need.

Would love some feedback.



I don’t see much of a connection here.
Sounds a bit like asking - is it okay to watch TV while my pants are on fire?
Sure, it will neither solve nor exacerbate your problem. (except for you worrying about that instead of the fire)

Get some treatment and underlying causes checked out - ain’t like its a chronic condition.

Thanks. I have had it checked out. I know I have it as have been tested. Whilst it may not seem chronic to you; imagine have constant brain fog and fatigue. This can limit what you do on a daily basis. My point was I think Huel is great. I am not hear to bash it; as could be perfect for my needs when it’s difficult to access the right foods when travelling. Thought maybe someone here has had a shared experience.

If anyone else wants to feedback that would be great :slight_smile:

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I know little about Candida - Huel is low sugar, and that is a good thing for it, so would stop you buying sweet treats etc…it also contains coconut oil which is also beneficial in fighting it. Am not an expert, as I said before.

Thanks John :slight_smile:

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Sorry, from what you said your mycosis is only possible with a more severe underlying condition you apparently tried avoiding to mention.

Be that as it may, having a functional oesophageal constriction, there are probably worse options to go for than Huel. Dig in.

Thank you :wink:

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Hi Danny, I came on here to ask the same question. It’s a pity that the people who did answer you haven’t taken the question seriously.

I’d be really interested to know from the people at Huel if it satisfy the requirements of a "getting rid of candida diet’?

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As Hunzas said Huel is low sugar and so I imagine the Candida wouldn’t have much of a food supply.

I actually tried to answer the question seriously, and did confess my limited knowledge.

I have diabetes and so am prone to candidiasis, especially if I’ve been bad and let my blood glucose rise. It’s been bad enough in the past that my doctor has left fluconazole and canestan cream on repeat prescription for me so that I can diagnose myself and get the necessaries sooner rather than later. If anything, I’d say that using Huel in your diet (I’m as close to 100% as makes no matter) is helpful as regards candidiasis: I’ve only had minor twinges of it this past year since discovering Huel and the cream has been enough without having to resort to the fluconazole.