Carbonara (H&S) in USA?

First time Huel buyer as of a couple weeks-- very satisfied with the product! Love the Bolognaise.

I’m seeing rumblings of a Carbonara flavor, but not seeing on my flavor selection page. I’m guessing it’s not hit the USA yet.

When can we expect Carbonara in USA? Any other secret flavors we’re not privy to?


In the UK we have fish and chips flavour. It’s in my top 3


it’s been held hostage until we get the US only products :slight_smile:


Pleased to hear it! That’s my favorite H&S :spaghetti:

I’m afraid we don’t have current plans to bring this out in the US however we are working on some exciting launches coming to the US soon :eyes:

We also have a US forum if you want to join and discuss all things US Huel! :us: