Change in bowel habits

Hi, I’m new to Huel, first week had Huel for breakfast and lunch. Let’s say there were some miles changes to my bowel habits. On AL for a week so ate out a lot, went back on Huel mid week and had extreme changes to bowel habits. Anyone else experienced this?

I’m sorry, but this post is impossible to read.

Can you clarify exactly what you’re asking here? What changed?

Apologies if I didn’t make my post clear. I have recently started Huel and am experiencing significant changes to my bowel habits, at times diarrhoea. Since posting I have trawled through the forum and see it’s an issue for a lot of people.

Ah okay, couldn’t tell if you were aiming for “mild” changes initially, but this then changed to “extreme” so was struggling to understand how bad said effects were.

I think it’s pretty common, there’s a large number of threads about it. Typically the digestive system adjusting to the extra fibre.

I’ve gone from extreme to extreme with Huel. I think my digestive system just got used to it. Be consistent with the Huel and it will clear up.