Unsettled stomach

HI, i am drinking one Huel serving per day at lunchtime, finding it quite hard on my stomach. I have reduced my fibre intake in my other daily meals and drinking lots off water, does anyone know how long this ‘adjustment’ will last? thanks

I think it was about a month for me if I remember right. Seemed like quite a long while, though I felt the regularity of the readjustment-effect :wink: was reliable and easy to manage.

Thanks, it is going well with the weight loss so will continue knowing it’s likely to end soon

I started on v3.0 and had a toilet-stop after Huel-breakfast each day, very regular, very reliable. No discomfort, nothing at all like that, just very prompt. Don’t know if that’s the same as you’re experiencing.
When the v3.0 was all gone I switched to Black and that coincided with the end of the fast reaction. Maybe it was only coincidence and I’d had enough time to adjust, or maybe it’s something to do with the formulation of Black. Since then I’ve gone back to v3.0 and now on Essential and it’s all been perfectly fine.
Congrats on the weight loss. :slight_smile:

Hey Toby, it’s individual and it may be changes in your diet that are resulting in weight loss are also contributing. It sounds like you’re being sensible and making the right choices, your body should adjust after a couple of weeks.