Change mailing address

Hello everyone,
So I did order Huel for the first time, and during the registering process I did not change the state on my direction, so instead of saying:
Name: John
Surname: Doe
Address: FalseStreet 123
City: NameOfTheCity
State: NameOFTheState

it has the following:
Name: John
Surname: Doe
Address: FalseStreet 123
City: NameOfTheCity
State: DefaultStateOption "State"

I’ve been looking around my profile using both Chrome and Firefox, but I can’t get to see where to change my address (what if I move in three months?), any ideas?

Sounds like a glitch in the matrix. Contact the team direct through email and I’m sure the tech guys will get it sorted.

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There is a way to update your address but I remember it not being in a very obvious place. I’ll see if I can find it now

Oops, I didn’t read op properly.

Okay so:

Log in and go to Your Account / Manage Account / Subscriptions

Click on EDIT subscription
There is a drop down menu next to each line within your subscription - the bottom line is your address. If you click on this, you should be able to correct it.

If the address of your current order is incorrect and having the wrong state is going to cause the delivery to fail (?) then email them urgently… hopefully they will pick up your message before they ship it.

If a state is required and you didn’t select one, then I’m sure this will get picked up anyway prior to shipping.

That is the fun part, I see the order I just made in the history tab, bit I get the “There are not active subscriptions” message in the subscriptions tab, which is the weirdest.
Note that I’m translating the names of tabs and messages from Spanish, so they might be a bit different from what you see.
I think I should contact them directly.

Did you make a one-off order?
Maybe you didn’t subscribe, you just did a single order, in which case when you come to order again you can re-enter your address then

I did subscribe, and it is what is shown on in the history tab

State? Do you mean county or are you in a country that has states?

Not country, but “state” within the country.
I’m in Spain, so it is actually “Provincia”, but the text field actually says “Estado”.

Ok. in Britain its a county within a country wich is a bit confusing. Would be easier if we called it states like the rest of the world.

I think we have enough political problems going on at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, everywhere is already in a state.