Cheap smoothie makers at Lidl

I got a smoothie maker for just £14.99 from Lidl three days ago, which is the best price I’ve seen by some margin. I’ve been using mine for a couple of days, and it works great. I also like the purple colour.

These Lidl offers are short-lasting, so apologies in advance if you end up being disappointed.

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Great tip! I love seeing what pops up in Lidl. Often it’s just random things, but occasionally you find some absolute gems…

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Is it similar to/better than this beast:

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Yes, very similar. The main difference is that the Breville has two large beakers, whereas the Lidl one has one large and one small. The Breville beakers look harder to clean if you have big hands.

Thanks. I just broke my salter-nutri-pro Nutribullet style one so might get one of these if I can’t find a spare!

I’m afraid you’re probably too late. Lidl only sell these things for a short time. But I saw something similar in Tesco recently.