Is the nutribullet overpriced?

I held off on buying one for ages, and my new housemate has one and a I’ve used it a few times now, it is great, my huel has never beeb so smooth, but is the price tag at all justified? Is it not just a powerful blender?

I got one of these. Sainsbury’s have them for the same price. It is good.


I use the nuribullet as it mixes really well and use the breville bottles for storing.

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Hmm. The nutribullet is very cheap compared to my blender…!

I’m sure I only paid around £60 for my nutribullet. Is that expensive ? I thought it was quite reasonable

I read a bunch of reviews and got the Salter Nutri Pro for £39.99

It’s an amazing blender and hasn’t had problems with anything I’ve tried. No stuttering with ice or frozen fruit and its blended seeds and nuts super smoothly.

I spent £100 on my NB in Costco, came with all sorts of books and crap I don’t need. I was little reluctant to buy as I had heard bad reviews but I’ve hammered the thing. Got my cups with it than I will ever need and 2 blades.

I’ve used it in crushing spices, obviously huel, coffee, all sorts of stuff and it is I think for the money well built. I would probably buy another when I kill my one off.

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I vote 2nd for the Blend Active. I use it for my shakes everyday and its alot cheaper than a nutribullet


Killed 2 blend active’s - dethreaded itself - bottles great tho!
Now have NB - night & day tbh

I’ve had the Blend Active for years, still working fine. Nutribullet seems like a total waste of money to me. I bought the Blend Active under the idea that if it broke after a while, I could afford to replace it 5 times before I’d paid the same amount as the Nutribullet.

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I have a Nutribullet and a BlendActive. The Nutribullet is much easier to use and to clean than the BlendActive, wide cup mouths making those easy to clean in particular.

I bought mine off my sister - Nutribullets are popular and faddy enough that you should be able to find one second hand, hardly used, and half the price!

Neither are much use as a food processor.

I have the Salter EK2002 1000W Nutri Pro Super Charged Multi-Purpose Nutrient Extractor Blender with 1L Capacity which you can get for £43 at the moment on

It’s really good and is more powerful than the original Nutribullet.

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Another one for Blend Active. If just blending Huel I am sure it is more than enough… £20 inc two bottles…

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Shop around - Nutribullets are coming down in price all the time. I wouldn’t use anything else, and for Huel, especially with added seed mixes and/or fruit, it’s perfect.

Whatever you get, check the size of the large cup. I had a Magic Bullet, perfectly adequate for blending, but not big enough for a serving of Huel, so I replaced it with a Nutrí-bullet.

I can make breakfast and lunch for my wife in the NutriBullet -120g Huel 600ml water

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I’ve had a Nutri Bullet for over a year now…have been disappointed as the 3 little plastic edges on the cups have splintered off and made it a bit random to use.
I saw a SilverCrest version in LIDL for £30 and pondered if it was going to be a waste of money - it’s absolutely fine!!
Big cup, perfect for Huel, things like hummus, fruit smoothies - I like to use frozen berries, mojitos…! I make a lot of curries and stuff - great for blending lentils, spices, onions etc.
The only thing I found was it needs a bit of a longer whizz for things like really stringy kale but that’s fine.