Chocolate brownie protein powder

I tried it this morning and had to throw it away,I wasn’t keen at all.but,I’ve just done 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder mixed with 1 scoop of black edition chocolate-it’s so tastes just like the chocolate ready to drink


I also discovered that the mix brownie protein + black chocolate is delicious and now I can’t go back. I use two scoops of powder and one of protein.

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goes very nice in the Cinnamon Swirl and Salted Caramel BE too

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Oh no, have you had much chocolate protein before, like from other brands? What was it you didn’t like about ours?

1 scoop of CP + 1 scoop of BE is a good combo. 305kcal but still 40g of protein. Nice one :muscle:

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Are you sure about that Tim :stuck_out_tongue:

haha at that level of calorie density we’d be pretty close to a Huel meal in a pill :laughing: Edited it!

yes please


So did you take it back out of the bin in order to to mix with the black edition??