Huel Protein flavors - what's your favorite?

Looking to add Protein to my next sub, not sure which flavor to try.

I currently mostly use Black Edition Chocolate and love it. I also have some Coffee Caramel which I am less of a fan of, but I feel like it would grow on me after a while.

Is the Chocolate Fudge Protein similar to Black Edition Chocolate, or should I mix it up and try a different flavor? Let me know what you guys think!

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I have same favourite flavours in black. The fudge protein tastes distinctly different from chocolate and I like it.

The salted caramel protein is a slightly different, but not as distinct a difference as the choc/ choc fudge. I also like it.

I’ll mix the two and a whole new version of flavour in a 500cal protein heavy meal.

I agree. Black chocolate flavour is different to Protein fudge brownie.

The Chocolate Fudge Protein is my favourite; delicious with a shot of espresso in it :wink:

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