Complete Protein (Chocolate Fudge Brownie) is too sweet. BASICALLY UNDRINKABLE

Hey there! I just want to share my feedback about my recent purchase, mainly because I think that the the overly sweet flavour of the mix will cause you to loose a lot of potentially recurring customers…

My brother uses a different brand of proteins and it tastes pretty much like unsweetened cocoa (which is great if you like bitter chocolate like me) and I thought that yours would be similar, but unfortunately I’ve found out that yours is incredibly sweet, almost syrupy, so sweet in fact that I can’t push myself to swallow it, I find it sickly.
I get that some may like sugar so much as to eat it by the spoonful but I would argue that most adults prefer a toned down taste profile and that, while adding sugar/stevia for us customers is pretty easy, removing excessive sweetness is nigh impossible, I do not get why you chose to cater only to those who have a sweet tooth while you could appease all customers with a more balanced mix.

As it is right now I’ll have to find a way to balance it out (maybe with soluble chicory or coffee? :thinking:) and I will definitely not purchase this product again, I’m not trying to be negative but I think that you should either tone the sweetness all the waaay down (at least by 70%, if not 85%) or also provide your flavours range in un-sweetened variants (for what I’ve read the unflavoured mix, while not sweet, is at best an acquired taste and many do not like it).

Thank you for hearing me out, hopefully you will take my advice in consideration. I really wanted to like your products, especially because I bought a bundle worth 300€, of which so far I only tried the proteins, and boy oh boy… If it turns out that Huel Black is similarly sweet I’ll have to endure many, many months of unbearably unpleasant meals. :sob:

Welcome to the forum. Best thing is to get some U/U and mix half and half. Really take the edge off the sweetness if it’s too much for you.

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Best thing is to get some U/U and mix half and half. Really take the edge off the sweetness if it’s too much for you.

…Wouldn’t that dilute not just the sweetness but also the chocolate flavour? Also it would require me to buy two tubs/packets at a time and mix them in the right ratio… It kind of negates the convenience of buying pre-made food, at that point I might as well cook.

Hey @HAL9000, I appreciate you aren’t enjoying our Chocolate Fudge Brownie, but like with all flavours, some people like them and some prefer others. The best way to enter into conversation with the community about this would be to acknowledge that we’re all different and have different preferences. This doesn’t count though :point_down: please be nice.

To this point:

The flavour is called Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Which suggests sweetness like a brownie. If it was called Dark Chocolate, or Cacao, then yes I would wholeheartedly agree with you.

However, back to the point, thank you for the suggestion of some less sweet Complete Protein flavours. It’s certainly an interesting idea, although I don’t agree with you that most adults prefer toned down sweetness. For you I think cutting the flavour with Unsweetened is definitely the best bet.

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Couldn’t agree more with this.
The flavour name implies sweetness. If I buy dark chocolate or milk chocolate, I expect the milk one to be sweeter.

If you can cook and easily get all the balanced nutrition… go for it! :wink:

But if you like the idea of Huel for convenience you can mix it up without much effort. I’d cut half and half with U/U, then add a boost of cocoa powder, grated dark chocolate or cold espresso or whatnot. Lots of possibilities for fine-tuning and experimenting, whilst still knowing you’re getting all the nutrients.

I’m like you, less keen on sweet things, and so Original flavour is my favourite in the v3.0 range. Maybe Huel might consider rolling this out in CP form? I think it’s fantastic, the one flavour I think I could never get bored of.


Not only in the v3.0 range, that taste is my favourite above all!

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I didn’t mean it in a demeaning way, if someone took offence I apologize.

I expected some sweetness but not this much, but maybe the brownies I’m used to aren’t as sweet as the ones you modelled your recipe after… Not your fault of course but it really isn’t something that suit my taste.

thank you for taking it in consideration, I honestly think that many would appreciate being able to more easily tailor sweetness to their taste.

For now I do not feel like buying a new tub, today I tried lacing it with copious amount of soluble chicory and, although it still is considerably too sweet for my taste, I can manage to gulp it down…

Well we all have different tastes. One of the bonuses for me is that Huel is sweet. That’s what I want as it keeps me away from actual sweet stuff.

Yes but my point was that if you get a mix that isn’t sweet enough you could easily add stevia or whatever sweetener you like to make it suit your taste, while for those who like it less sweet it’s night impossible to remove it, we can only cut with bitter, unsweetened stuff that drastically alters both taste and nutritional values…

Sure, but if I buy a flavour which I expect to be sweet by itself, it’s a pain to have to buy additional sweeteners to make it right :grimacing: