Huel Complete Protein sickening smell and taste

Hi all.

I ordered Complete Protein Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and it smelled awful, tasted even more awful.
I would describe the taste as sour and chemical.
It also made me feel weird in my stomach, but that might be because of the taste and its psychological effect. After the first sip, I couldn’t take another. It was seriously one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted.

I thought that surely this isn’t right and got a replacement, Vanilla Fudge this time.
However, this one has that same awful smell and taste, though not quite as strong. This one I’m able to drink but only with double the amount of water and mixed with normal Huel Powder.

Also the Complete Proteins have these weird orange flakes. Is that normal?
What are your experiences and could this be just down to the individual and some weird ingredient.

its turmeric that has clumped together - so yes, its fine.

the taste and how you perceive it is all down to you. everyone has their own interpretation and experience of it.

I didn’t like chocolate fudge Brownie. My son liked it.
I’m doing much better with Strawberries and cream

Welcome to the forum @Zach sorry to hear it’s on a bad note!

Some products won’t be to everyone’s taste and we completely get that, with a product like protein you have the benefit of adding it to other products to give you the protein increase in your diet while making it to your taste preference, some customers have made overnight oats with it, or as you did add it to their regular Huel meal.

As Phil said the flakes are nothing to be concerned about, but if you are worried about the product not being right, then feel free to reach out to our customer experience team at to see how they can help.

Tried the Chocolate Fudge Brownie too today, and found it quite unpleasant too. No idea how it’s supposedly the most popular – the “fudge” element seems to be a strange saltiness. I mostly blame myself since I don’t usually like chocolate flavour.
If I can’t get used to it I’ll follow the advice of another post I saw on here and mix it with Unflavoured & Unsweetened.

Another option is to add instant coffee to it.

Welcome to the forum @thehueghl :heart:

But I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the chocolate fudge brownie, have you contacted our customer experience team? They might be able to help with this!

Otherwise, as @MikeMcginty suggested, add flavours you enjoy to use up this flavour.