Protein salty taste

I have just got the chocolate fudge protein powder and it tastes too salty. Any ideas of how to make it less salty? Bit disappointed and feel ive waste money as couldn’t get sample

Hey there, sorry to hear that. I can kinda see what you mean, I when I think it I associate it with a richness which I really enjoy.

You could water it down and that might reduce it a little, not loads though. Mixing it in with another Huel you might have, like v3.0 (this will obviously change the macros). Obviously getting an Unflavoured/Unsweetened Complete Protein would be ideal but I don’t want to recommend you buy more Huel as that’s not really that helpful.

Anyone else got any thoughts on reducing the saltiness/richness of Fudge Brownie Protein

adding any acid or cream component will help mask saltiness. so could try a little juice from particularly acidic fruits that will go with chocolate like lemon, orange or prune. Or try add a some milk of your choice or a little coconut cream.

I might try making it with almond milk

plant milks definitely help texture - you will just have to do a little trial and error to find the balance you like. If I use them, I normally don’t use more than a third milk/two thirds water as I find they get too thick but some people really like that thick shake texture too so it’s down to your personal preference.

Im really struggling with the taste of the chocolate protein shake and cant shake the salty taste. Ive only had 5/6 shakes.
Ive tried one shake at 100% and 50% almond milk and hasnt helped. Any other ideas?

did you try the acid option mentioned above?

Oops no will try it today

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