Ok,I get it now

I couldn’t get on with the black cookies and cream,just didn’t like it,thought it was bland.I’d tried it mixed with black chocolate and black coffee but I just didn’t get what everyone was making such a fuss about.but now I get it,lol.I’ve just done 45g of black c&c blended with 29g of huel chocolate protein powder and 600ml water,omg it’s like drinking chocolate chip cookies.it’s seriously lush

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Chocolate fudge from Huel, or chocolate protein from another brand?

I am also very keen on trying the cookies & cream. Huel is an amazing brand and I look forward to more flavours and what they release.

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You’ve just gotta keep experimenting until you crack your favourite! Obviously we love Cookies & Cream straight up, but I’m sure that no one likes all our flavours! It’s awesome that you can still adjust it, get all the nutrition you wanted from Huel, and still enjoy the flavour!

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