Chocolate Cherry Almond!? Nut allergy

Hi guys

I am a huel regular but I had a bit of a shock today. Ordered some chocolate cherry flavour boost a while ago so I thought I’d give it a try…

All I could taste was almonds. Instantly felt sick, had a very scared hour holding my epi pen. I can’t see any indication on any of the packaging that indicates that it contains almonds. Nothing on the website either. Maybe it doesn’t and just tastes of almonds?

Either way people like me (anaphylactic tree nut and peanut allergy) need to know if something contains nuts/is flavoured like nuts. I really didn’t expect it from something labelled chocolate cherry. Not only have I had a rubbish day on edge worrying about having a reaction, and had to throw my (no inexpensive!) flavour boost in the bin, but it’s eroded my confidence in huel a bit too.

I love huel, and want to keep loving huel. Please help me out with some better labelling!



It doesn’t contain any nuts. Maybe it was just the taste that made you panic, because you associate almonds with danger?

A lot of people have said it tastes of Cherry Bakewells so you’re right about the taste. But taste is subjective and I don’t agree that they should label things “this might remind you of something that you might be allergic to”.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Just checking you’re a huel employee so I can be sure?

I think if something is almond flavoured most brands will say, or at least describe it as “marzipan” or “cherry bakewell.” Maybe I’m being selfish, it’s just feedback from my perspective. It will certainly impact on my decisions regarding flavour boosts in the future so it may be of some use to the company.

Looking forward to my salted caramel breakfast huel

maybe @Dan_Huel or @JamesCollier can clarify for you.

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Nah, I’m not. It’s Monday morning so they’ll all be sleeping off the weekend. But they’re legally required to list allergens in the ingredients.

I do think Cherry Bakewell would have been a more accurate name. Maybe it has less international recognition?


There’s no a risk of almond contamination for the flavour boosts, which is why it’s not on the label.

Cherry and almonds share the same flavour compound which is why they taste similar.


Hi! Fellow nut allergy sufferer here. Anything cherry flavoured sends me in to a massive panic and railing through the bin for packaging because it tastes so much like almond flavouring. I can totally relate to your nerves. I tend to avoid the flavours just because I know the anxiety it will cause me.