Suggestions for new flavor boosts


Apple Pie
Cinnamon Buns
Peanut Butter?



I haven’t tried Huel yet… eagerly awaiting my delivery tomorrow. But could savoury flavours work like tomato or a spice mix? Might be gross cold though. Not that I’d want to today, but can you heat up Huel and have it warm like porridge?


These are great ideas! I will chase the NPD team about a peanut butter flavour as I’ve raised it before. We don’t want it to include nuts or peanuts though so that makes it more difficult…believe it or not!

We tried this once a few years ago and it was honestly vile. Spice mix is nice, we have a chai hack but I think you’d say the spices are the sweeter ones.

We don’t recommend microwaving Huel but using warm water works! Add a low salt stock cube and that’s lovely warm!


Chocolate orange
Cherry bakewell
Carrot cake
Cheese and pickle sandwich
Avocado toast
Ploughman’s lunch
OK I’ll stop being silly now.


I’ll second both peanut butter and cinnamon bun.

Also, I’d like to request some of the UK flavors in the US. Sorry, some of the flavours as flavors. :wink:

Specifically, I’d love to try Toffee, Caramel and Pineapple/coconut. Any chance those flavours will become flavors any time in the near future?


As someone with a peanut allergy, I can assure you I’d go no where near it in 10000 million years :stuck_out_tongue: the taste of potential death isn’t something you seek out voluntarily :wink:


Even if it was peanut-free? Perhaps we would need a different name for it to clearly indicate it doesn’t have peanuts in?


“Nopeanut Flavor system”
Freenut fs? :thinking:


Yep, as soon as I taste peanut (even if it’s not peanut), I’ve got a subconscious reaction to just spit it out and nausea begins. I guess it’s the brain thinking “Oh crap here we go”. Obviously my throat stays open etc, but it’s still not pleasant. I’d certainly avoid "peanut free peanut"if that makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Other nuts are alright. I get a mild reaction to cashew, but almonds I can eat thousands of :smiley:


Ragout flavour (roughly onion and meaty)
Ham and cheese sauce flavor
Parmesan cheese and onions have been additions (whether or not with other flavors added like tomato juice) that worked really well for me. However, this is when baking stuff with Huel. It is hard to imagine savoury porridge-like milkshake-like structured food. Huel soup? Yes. Lentils instead of peas… add onion and carrot flavouring and some spices. Sesame is nice but an allergen for some.


Apple crumble?
Bakewell tart?

I’m a Huel newbie so don’t know if they have already been done.


Gingerbread! That’s a given, too. Maybe a christmas special :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Apple pie and cinnamon buns sound like great ideas. I’ve only had a few Huel meals from my first order but I’m using them as a breakfast replacement so these sound delicious. That said I quite like the vanilla one so far.


For those who like the peanut butter idea (and of course do not have a peanut allergy), tonight I tried mixing in a tablespoon of PB into my huel, along with a bit of stevia (I use the u/u and find it needs a touch of sweetness) and a bit of the chocolate flavor boost.

I quite enjoyed it! Of course, doing it this way instead of with a flavor boost adds calories to my Huel, but it was quite nice, and I highly recommend it, if you like peanut butter.


Literally would buy all of those flavours


White wine.


Chocolate orange & Cherry bakewell sound amazing!


Cherry bakewell if done right could be fantastic. I’d imagine quite easy too…


Baked apple.


Pure Coconut would also be nice - it would be quite different from the Pina Colada style Pineapple&Coconut