Chocolate Premixed Huel

I love Vanilla and have recently bought another bag of berry (it sort of grew on me) so it will be interesting to see how I feel about chocolate. Thing is, if I don’t like it on its own I will add instant coffee, cacao, mocha, pb etc etc and not buy any more when it’s gone. Simples.


Interested to know what this is like - I like the mint chocolate for a change but like the thought of just chocolate on it’s own!

Cristina, this is awful news that you don’t like the product & haven’t had a good experience! Any more detail you can give us would be greatly appreciated

Chocolate obvioulsy is completely different to cacoa from a flavour profile standpoint. As you know, chocolate is creamier, sweeter & milkier in taste & cacao is richer, bitter & stronger in roasted notes.

All our products are signed off by the NPD team & senior management teams so it certainly has been tested. Keep us posted!

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Is it perhaps more of a US “chocolate” taste like Herschey’s? That never tasted anything like chocolate to me either :smiley:

I’m very intrigued with this 'ere ‘chocolate’ flavour and looking forward to trying it for myself.

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So it doesn’t taste like Chocolate Frijj then? :frowning:

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I love the chocolate one… scrumptious

@Ian42 it tastes nothing like a chocolate frijj :sob:

I think maybe it does taste a bit like Hershey’s @dharkhig - which to me tastes sour / gone off / pretty disgusting, and nothing like chocolate.

@LeeOfficialHuel I think I was expecting / hoping it would taste similar to the chocolate flavour boost or the cacao flavour boost. The chocolate fs to me tastes similar to Cadbury’s dairy milk. Whereas the premix tastes nothing like real chocolate at all. But maybe is more like American chocolate (?)
It’s not to my taste at all.
But it’s not really a problem because to me, Unflavoured Huel plus cacao powder makes the best chocolate Huel ever.


Is it like when you’re expecting an amazing Easter Egg and then you’re given a supermarket own brand one that you know will taste of library air and old cardboard, and you’re simply devastated?


Sigh, product development team we’re working on those two flavours for flavour boosts for a summer release. Back to the drawing board guys.


Also working on Hiking Sock, and Greenhouse in Summer.

On a serious note, I am a bit excited for the chocolate huel. I’m hoping it’s a bit like cheap supermarket chocolate mousse, to save me buying cheap supermarket chocolate mousse packs.


Yes, @ChristinaT I don’t like Hershey’s either!

However, going by the fact that you seem to hate all the flavours I like (eg Berry, New Vanilla) and ISTR you like Original which I detest, maybe I will be onto a winner with the new Chocolate premix!

Therefore I have added a bag of it to my subscription for my next delivery in May :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahaha @dharkhig I think your logic is onto something there !

I like Unflavoured the best though.
Original is okay, but best mixed with UU
Mint is nice
Others are terrible :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you love berry and Vanilla you might love chocolate too!
I will be very interested to know what everyone else thinks
@AppleJuice summed it up perfectly with his cheap Easter egg analogy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Initial impressions? I LOVE Chocolate premix! :yum: Do I detect a hint of coconut cream in there reminiscent of Bounty? :open_mouth::tada: That was my impression having only just mixed it.

Will update Further, when it’s been in the fridge a few hours. VERY promising indeed :heart_eyes:


@Bee did you think it tasted like chocolate??
I’m glad you like it.
My taste buds must be wierd :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Update: Will definitely be ordering chocolate premix on a regular basis. Even better having been in the fridge for a few hours. Not too sweet, just as I like it :yum:

Yes in a subtle way, also a hint of coconut cream. Altogether yummy IMO. LOL your taste buds are not weird, just different to mine :grin:


I found the chocolate mint to be very mild, I wonder if the chocolate is like that.
It’s like there is a hint of flavour which is masked, it’s not in your face. As long as the sugar is low then that’s fine by me :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to try it :woozy_face:


Anyone wondering if the flavour will be “stronger” because berry etc is too mild for you, this one is also very subtle in terms of flavour. Don’t forget though, everyone uses different ratios of Huel to water/milk, so for people who make their Huel very thick, they will find the premixed Huel flavours a lot stronger.

As for Chocolate, I think it would be more accurately called Chocolate Pudding. Something about it just makes me think of a cake mix rather than dairy milk. Bit of a mixed response to it elsewhere on the forum but I’ll add it to my regular order as a nice alternative to Vanilla. See for yourself, everyone’s tastebuds are different


@ChristinaT @Bee @RyanT considering getting it for my next batch; how would you guys say it compares to the chocolate flavour boost? I quite like that one :stuck_out_tongue:
(But was disappointed with berry…is the texture thinner than original Huel like berry huel is?)