Christmas Huel 🎄

Think I’m gonna switch up my usual and chuck sone of this into it instead of Baileys.


Seems like a very british ice cream… for pirates hahaha

you’d think so wouldn’t you? I thought so too but turns out adding rum to ice cream is a very old idea started by the Sicilians as early as the 17th century,


This is so like you to go and research this :man_teacher:

This ice cream sounds awesome. In Huel, even better. Is this a yearly tradition of yours @DunsfordMage? I’ve not played around with Huel and serious decadence much. The most decadent my Huel gets is using 100% milk instead of water when I have some which I can’t finish! Wild, I know.

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My annual extravaganza. I think it will go very well with your Salted Caramel White Huel - just a 1/4 of the tub should work.
There’s also a Whiskey version of the ice cream I think.
Got to mix it up a bit at this time of the year. :christmas_tree:
Although someone has just sent me a link to how you make your own Baileys from scratch.


Hi @DunsfordMage , there is also a vegan recipe for making your own I found somewhere on the web. I was not overly fond of it but perhaps that’s because I dont like whisky. I did not like the Baileys own make vegan one either and think most of it is still at the back of the cupboard. :disappointed_relieved::tropical_drink:

I did make a vegan bailey s many years ago and apparently it was very realistic. Having never drunk the real thing I can’t comment.

Also I don’t have a recipe so this is a bit pointless

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Shall we just list things and you say whether they were included or not?

Apart from the cream and condensed milk, were the ingredients in @DunsfordMage’s Bailey’s recipe in yours? Cast your mind back!

This should work with Huel Vanilla :yum:

There was definitely a can of full fat coconut milk rather than condensed milk (nowadays you can actually buy condensed coconut milk, and Nestle make a vegan condensed milk - but I don’t buy Nestle products as they are yucky company), some Irish whiskey, brown sugar, some espresso coffee and soya milk.

There definitely wasn’t any chocolate syrup, and there may have been vanilla, and probably a pinch of salt. It was a long time ago.

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