Cinammon Blueberry Huel Muffins

A super simple vegan recipe that creates 12 damn good huel muffins.

My recipe:
.10 Scoops Huel
.1 teaspoon baking soda
.2 teaspoons cinnamon
.30 grams dried blueberries
.500ml almond milk
.1 Tablespoon Sugar free maple syrup (optional but mixes very well with cinnamon)

Mix dry ingredients first then add wet. Put into 12 portions on an lightly oiled baking try. Put into oven at 170c for 15 mins. Let them cool and voila! Cinammon Blueberry Huel Muffins! I find my stomach has an easier time digesting these over drinking Huel. Enjoy folks!


If I convert scoops to grams am I ok to base that on a 38g scoop? I’m hopeless cooking by scoops of anything

Yeah approximately 38g is fine. So each Huel muffin should be around 160 calories.

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Thank you! I’ll give these a go next time I’m baking

These look amazing! Are they cooked in the picture of is that the batter? Have a look in our recipe book for some other awesome ideas!

Hi can I use fresh blue berries instead of dried berries ?

I think op is dead…like this thread

I blame the way this forum loves to suggest ancient posts to read next, and the way it displays dates for old posts. Aug '16. That’s only a month ago!

2016 doesn’t take much more space and is 100% unambiguous.


I don’t normally like necro posts but I’ve been looking for a good Huel powder no flour recipe and this might be the one <3