Coffee Toffee Huel

Today I tried two scoops of Unflavoured with a rounded teaspoon (5 ml measuring spoon) of decaf, and a level teaspoon of Toffee flavour boost. It’s really nice. I wouldn’t have thought to buy the flavour boost myself, but I acquired it (along with another shaker, scoop and tee-shirt when I bought somebody’s unwanted Huel.)


I’ve tried New Vanilla with instant coffee, works well as a toffee coffee as well. :grin:

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I find that too.

I’m kind of trying to avoid the Sucralose for a while, but yes, I see how that could work. I would probably not buy (New) Vanilla again though.

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Yeah I echo what everyone is saying here!
Coffee and toffee go really well together.
Vanilla (that tastes like toffee to me), plus coffee is delicious.
I haven’t tried UU plus Toffee, plus coffee, but I have some toffee sachets so I will try it !

@Africorn what’s your reason behind avoiding the sucralose? (And don’t you use Original? Which has the highest sucralose content of all of them)
I’ve found I much prefer the UU plus flavour boosts, to any of the premixes that contain sucralose. So I may move towards buying all UU in the future…


I once accidentally mixed Vanilla with Original instead of my usual UU/Original (and drank it ). Very shortly after that I got a rash on my arms which I still haven’t quite shaken off. I decided to eliminate Sucralose for a while just to see whether it makes a difference. I’m not blaming Sucralose, but just in case… I still love Original but I’m taking a brief break.

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@Africorn we’ve not seen you in ages !
Hope you’re all good :hugs:

Did the (possible) sucralose related rash clear up?

I’ve still got 2 bags of vanilla to use up so I’ve been chucking a bag of vanilla and a bag of UU all into one bag and giving it a good shake. Tastes better! But still trying to move towards all UU as soon as I’ve used up all the flavoured premixes I’ve got.


All good. The rash kind of went away with intervention. Still staying off the Sucralose, because no matter what anyone says, I still don’t think it’s good for the gut bacteria.

I’ll catch up here soon :slightly_smiling_face:


@Africorn are you still around? How’s it been not having sucralose are you just having UU on it’s own?

Actually, no, I’ve just taking a break from Huel, but I think I’ll be back on it soon, at least one meal a day. Not the Sucralose kind though…


@Africorn good to hear from you and your still floating around :smiley:

If your coming back to Huel soon are you thinking about just the UU or have you any flavourings in mind that don’t have any Sucralose or any Artificial sweeteners in?

I have been having the different flavoured Huel pre mix powders for a while now mainly for all my meals Monday to Fridays. And although I have been successful in my goals I have been feeling not so good in myself lately. I am not blaming artificial sweeteners or even Huel for this but like you I am now wondering about gut bacteria especially as i have been consuming the stuff for a while on a daily basis for all my meals for most of the week. I used to consume lots of sugary stuff daily before including full sugar Coke so artificial sweeteners have actually served its purpose. I know there isn’t any concrete scientific evidence on long term artificial sweeteners use including sucralose but there are reports and stories and you know yourself if your stomach or body isn’t feeling ok. So I have decided to give Huel a rest and not had any since last Monday and see how it goes. Perhaps one a day would be fine but I think I would like to try the UU on it’s own then maybe add some natural flavourings without artificial sweeteners in it. I know stavia is meant to be better and may even try it in Huel FB’s but it apparently effects some people too.

Well, Stevia is in the flavour boosts. It doesn’t seem to affect me. There are books on how to improving your gut health. Basically eating as varied a choice of veg as you can and avoiding sugar.