Collagen Protein

What are everyone’s thoughts on taking collagen protein in combination with huel?

Trying to figure out if something such as the below is just a waste of money (if I already get sufficient protein) or would be worthwhile taking daily with the supposed health benefits for skin/joints etc?


Waste of money. Does Huel ship to India tho?

@jacobd IF your training regimen falls into the elite performer category it may be worth consideration.

Isn’t collagen good for joints?

Nope, you need some super skunk for the best joints

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Is collagen really absorbed or rather broken down before it gets to its target tissue (especially skin)? I often considered taking collagen to improve skin elasticity, but I always had my doubts whether this would actually work…

Great question! It’s broken down into its constituent amino acids.

That means collagen powder is just expensive and useless? Do you have some links or further literature?

Sure! Examine do a good job covering one type of collagen.

A lot of people have hydrolyzed collagen and there’s a recent review paper that concluded “there are currently limited data available in the literature and much regarding its possible effects on the skin has yet to be fully elucidated and understood.”

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence…there are lots of supplements containing added collagen - the problem is just that they are very expensive and from an animal source. That means they have a lot of downsides, which is why I am hesitant to try it.

Do you think topically applied collagen would be better to prevent skin aging? Or won’t this be absorbed by the deeper layers?

That doesn’t really work in this case because we also have evidence (although limited) that collagen doesn’t have any effects. At the moment, we can’t claim collagen has the benefits we’ve talked about however logical it might sound.

It’s not my area sorry.

Well, it has to get to the target tissue in question; and not be broken down into its constituent amino acids before that happens.

Regarding topical substances I found that retinol is the only one backed by evidence.

Anyway, the majority of collagen products is for internal use. The problem is that it is animal-based. At least I have not found any collagen product from a plant-source.

Is there even anything like that?
Is that why you don’t consider adding it to Huel?

Collagen can now be made by using genetically modified yeast and bacteria. Which means vegan collagen does exist.

Like you, I couldn’t find any products online but luckily that’s not how we source our ingredients!