Huel Protein in porridge

I currently have Collagen Protein in my porridge each morning alongside my coffee but was recently told that the type of protein i was having wasn’t a complete protein and that i should try something else.

I was wondering has anyone tried putting huel protein powder in porridge? Does it work well? Is there any flavors you would recommend? Is there anything i should watch out for?

Hi @Blobbymatt i have mixed half white v3 with porridge and it was fine. Think you might loose some of the vitamin content though. I have also tried mixing white huel with oat milk to a porridge consistency and added some fruit and oatly fromage frais and it was lovely. I did not heat that though. Not yet tried with the protein powder yet. :bowl_with_spoon::sake::spoon:

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You can definitely add Huel CP to porridge, just google any protein porridge recipe and that will work! Or just add in a scoop and increase the water/milk content - I’m sure it’s that simple!

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