Compatibility of Huel 3.0 with other probiotics

What probiotics can I mix Huel 3.0 with? I tried to Google this, and couldn’t find much online, but one random article said that some bacteria might compete with each other, so mixing them makes them less effective - although some bacteria are compatible.

I am currently taking this, been taking it for 3 weeks:

And just today, a different bottle is going to arrive - this one:

Also, how many CFUs of organisms per meal are in Huel?

In case nobody knows the answer to my question, I will at least report my experience with each, as I eat around 600 kcal of Huel per day.

@JamesCollier or @Dan_Huel should be able to help you out with this.

As our microbiome is so diverse it seems logical to think that the more probiotic strains we consume, the more diverse our gut flora will become. But this isn’t necessarily the case. You could take multiple strains of probiotics that are garbage, or certain single strains that are excellent.

Its important to remember that we’re really only scratching the surface where probiotics are concerned and we don’t know all the answers re. effectiveness, dosage, layering etc yet. Their effectiveness also depends on the individual’s microbiota environment. That being said, it’s best to opt for an evidence-based probiotic that has been tested for a unique concern.

There’s 150million CFU bacillus coagulans/100g version 3.0 Huel Powder.