Does anyone use probiotics?


I am slightly concerned that by replacing 2 meals a day with Huel I am reducing the diversity of my gut bacteria.

Although the crappy meals I was eating before were probably not much better for this.

Does anyone take a probiotic with Huel and what are your experiences? What one do you use?


Yes! One Activia (Danone) a day keeps the doctor away!

No evidence probiotics promote ‘gut diversity’ in healthy adults

That’s not a great trial though…with only 7 trials…interesting the 20 billion (higher dose) dig actually have an impact. Guess it is an area that needs more research.

I empty a couple of probiotics capsules into the shaker before I mix my Huel. I always found protein powder with added probiotics was easier on my stomach. I’m doing the same with Hurl, but it’s probably not required.

I usually have a little Danone probiotic drink too when I get up in the morning. I don’t necessarily believe any of the hype about that specific brand’s health benefits (bifidus-whateveritis), but I do enjoy drinking a little yoghurty drink first thing. I don’t usually have much of an appetite for any kind of food first thing, and a quick shot of a little yoghurt-based drink seems to settle my stomach just right. I expect a little greek yoghurt mixed with milk or water would have exactly the same effect for me - I should really try that instead as it’d probably be cheaper/less packaging.