V3.0 Sadly = Goodbye Huel

Hi Huel Team

Firstly I just wanted to say thank you for your product, especially the Unsweetened and Unflavoured. You WERE one of the very few companies to offer a relatively mild and healthy meal replacement product for those of us with IBS and I certainly appreciated it having found the sweeteners in most normal shake products too much to handle. I wouldn’t say I found the flavour pouches amazing but the Chocolate Stevia is the best I’ve found of any of your competitors.

Sadly it seems that you’ve now decided that with your 3.0 formula that you’re not going to continue to produce a mild and pure version of your powder and you’re going force probiotics onto all of us. I have learned through much pain and diarrhoea that there does not seem to exist a probiotic which doesn’t make me sick. Under my hospital dietitian I’ve had some of the really strong clinically proven ones but even the milder (ineffective?) ones make me ill - even the mild stuff in Activia yogurt.

I will be putting a last order for the version 2.3 Unsweetened and unflavoured (to last me long enough to find another solution) and maybe some more flavour packs and then you’ve lost me as a customer. Given the benefit you’ve given me over the years I thought it was worth explaining just in case you happen to lose other customers over the same issue and wonder why.



I feel for you.
I’d like to see them keep a GF UU V2.3 as an ongoing hypoallergenic product (made in a factory without mustard!) for those people with intolerances and allergies.
Lots of people react to soy, gluten, dairy, sweeteners, yeasts, seafood, nuts, mustard, probiotics etc and although this isn’t a huge customer base, it would be a loyal one. Because when you have allergies, finding healthy, nutritious, convenient food that is portable and quick and easy to prepare is almost impossible.
Huel literally changes lives for these people in a very significant way,


Agreed on all points here, sad to see they’ve made these changes that are effectively cutting out their IBS clientele, which is a shame because for many of us Huel was actually the way for us to have some peace of mind over symptoms when things get stressful. Let me know if you come up with a solution for this - I’m searching myself, it seems Powder Matter is the most similar but I have real trouble digesting quinoa and their other version has sucralose.


Also looking into Powder Matter myself. If soy protein isnt an issue in terms of digestibility there´s another european brand ( that is removing fluoride, but some old stock still has it) and has a more active version without fake carbs ( Maltodextrin ). That would be my second choice after Powder Matter, on the road to replace the ending Huel U&U v2.3.


Is Powder Matter a play on words that I’m too dumb to understand, or is it the worst name ever?

I enjoy my morning Powder Matter with a nice hot cup of Liquid Stuff.


I’m not sure I agree here.
I have IBS myself and find probiotics incredibly helpful. For me personally, this is a good addition to Huel.
I do think there may be some people who will no longer be able to consume it though.

I’d definitely recommend most people at least try v3 before writing it off tho. Unless you know with absolute certainty that you can’t have this particular strain of bacteria, or kelp or kombuca powder, then it makes sense to test it before deciding it’s not for you.

I’m slightly concerned about the possible presence of yeasts but I’m still looking forwards to trying v3 and sincerely hope it suits me fine.


I’m going to wait and see from the reviews and make a judgement. I do really hate to waste food so if the response for digestibility is an issue within the community then it will take me some time to find an alternative, which is why I’m starting the research now. I would of course prefer to stick with Huel if possible so would be interested to know how you get on with this as someone with IBS. I currently take probiotics but like the Daniel have also struggled with different types aside from the one type I take now. I also have extreme sensitivity to alcohol (beyond gastrointestinal - i get a lot of nervous system issues if I have more than a sip) so have yet to try kombucha. Obviously ideally I’d just be on U/U v2.3 forever or a new non-probiotic non-komchucha version but will see how it all goes down.

Yes just wait for the dam thing to come out before writing it off then maybe @ChristinaT could do one of her great polls. But again though some will like it and some won’t it’s the way it is we all like and dislike different things. Like @David loves Berry premix as many others don’t :smiley:

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Sadly it’s not a case of what I like. I’ll be honest with you, Huel has been a very useful supplement food for me for medical reasons. I’m not using it because I particularly like it but because it had helped me get the nutrients I need whilst being closer to real food than Complan or Ensure. The reason Huel made sense to me was good quality ingredients which offered all the nutrients I needed without adding any extras which trigger symptoms. I understand their competitors do this but that was Huels unique selling point for me and particularly the unflavoured and unsweetened line. I was always a strong believer in probiotics and I still appreciate the theory of them but from my painful experience and reading around it does seem that there are potentially large groups of people they harm more than help. Even with the people they help often particular strains work only for certain people and even genders. Unfortunately all the ones I’ve tried harm me.


Seeing matter as the origin of all things, I think the name is somewhat related. But I don´t use food replacements because name sounding. I seek from them intrinsic value and inner content to fullfill my needs. Simply without any sweeteners, without “fake carbs” and other add-ons that I will choose for myself, if needed. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/02/26/scientists-may-have-solved-mystery-of-matters-origin/

Powder matter is a new one on me never heard of it, apparently there in the Czech Republic

Lot´s of info here https://latestfuels.com/ and here https://eatcomplete.co/ .


:wink: :smile:

I’ll restrict myself from giving more info; despite having a tendency to do so. Anyone who wants more infor can check the link or DM me.

Personally, I would wait for v3.0 and see how it tastes; while I agree with some of the points made across the forum.


Thank you Daniel for your honest feedback.

To help everyone on this thread, probiotics and whether they are positive or negative vary between probiotic strains and individuals. It’s not easy. In this study on the probiotic used in Huel it helped IBS patients, but that’s not to say it will help everyone.


I won’t be buying v3.0 either, mainly because of the addition of kelp but I don’t like the idea of kombucha & probiotics being added either. Thankfully I have a big stock of v2.3 which gives me plenty of time to find a suitable alternative.

Not sure it would be Powder Matter though - I tried that in the past and it has quite a strong flavour (I believe from the main ingredient, buckwheat) which I didn’t really like.

I’d never heard of that brand until now. Just looked at their website. Interesting, they talk about it as though they are hobbyists and the packaging looks a bit sixth form. Still I will take a closer look at it. Thanks

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Also IBS. Also have bad experiences with probiotics. Will not be continuing with Huel after 3.0.

I hope Huel can take this feedback from the forums into account quickly and seriously. Huel has been a large part of my diet for a while, and I’ve had amazing success with it given that a lot of foods set me off in a bad way. So it would be a massive shame to spend months re-learning how to deal with my IBS again.


A lot of complete foods had humble beginnings. Jimmy joy began as joylent being packed and shipped in ziplock bags in a dudes kitchen.

PM’s bars look nicely wrapped and they’re scaling quickly but definitely one of the smaller players.


I wasn’t meaning to sound as critical as I did…LOL

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I agree with Tristan.

hard when you have such a scary profile pic :joy: