Will V2.3 ever be available again? V3.0 sadly not viable

There have been similar topics on Huel V3.0 vs the old V2.3, but none seemed to quite cover my experience.

I personally have gotten on well with V3.0, both with the regular and black versions, and will almost certainly continue using it.

However, the main reason I tried Huel was to help find a food product that my mother could reliably use. She has sensitivity to wheat and dairy, and possibly others that we don’t know the extent of. Huel made a huge difference - free from anything she had an issue with, enjoyable, and fast to make.

I don’t know what happened with V3.0, but my mother has tried eliminating and reintroducing it a few times now, with the same symptoms each time: significant gut swelling and discomfort for around a week after one or two Huel shakes, tending to be fairly mild in the mornings but growing to be considerably painful in the evenings. Unfortunately, it’s no longer viable for her, and it’s sad to see her going back to her old limited diet.

The only unknowns in the V3.0 ingredients list were the kombucha and the probiotics/prebiotics. We don’t know whether this is the problem, and aren’t making assumptions, but they’re the only obvious additions that stand out as untested in her previous diet.

Regardless of what happens in future, I am grateful for Huel being there. Eighteen months ago we were both in a rough place, and it might sound silly to say, but Huel genuinely helped make things a lot easier, and up to now has been helping fill a gap that’s otherwise hard to solve.

I hope there will be an option suitable for her in the future, and for anyone else who might possibly have had similar issues.

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there is still stocks of 2.3 available to purchase through the outlet store so you can stock up there if you need to. The powder will be good for a year if stored correctly and unopened.

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Sorry to hear that your mother now can’t have Huel. Thanks for the message, I really hope you guys can work it out with Huel. As Phil says, do grab yourself some on our Outlet.

Thank you both, Phil and Tim - I had seen the link to the outlet store a month or so ago but couldn’t find it recently, and had assumed it might have all gone by now. I’ll put an order in, which should hopefully make things easier in the interim, so I definitely appreciate that.

Naturally I’ll keep an eye on future formulation changes in case this issue is peculiar to this particular version.

do you think she would be ok using the RTD instead of the powder?