Won't be carrying on buying 3.0

Sadly, I do not like 3.0 and neither does my partner. I’m glad I only ordered the minimum quantity. It is textureless and flavourless and paradoxically made massive lumps in the blender which stuck to the side of the bottle and blender blades (and wouldn’t rinse off under the tap! it will have to go through the dishwasher) and would not mix in. I truly did not expect to notice any particular difference and I am so disappointed. I’ll try to stock up on some 2.3 but we’ll be looking for alternative products. I really feel for the people who are allergic to shellfish and can no longer eat Huel as it seems that Huel have gone in the direction of catering more to their dissatisfied customers (“don’t eat synthetic vitamins!”) than their happy customers. I hope 2.3 comes back into the regular shop so that we can carry on as before.


I have yet to try the 3.0 version. I was initially not wanting to because of the addition of pro biotics and did not feel there was any issues with 2.3. That said, I will be giving 3.0 a try. There is reportedly a Huel Black being launched but it not yet known if this is 2.3 or 3.0 formulation.

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Would you mind posting a photo of the mixture / mess in the blender. Due to a shellfish allergy I can’t try v.3.0 but I am still interested.

With regard to the Black Edition I suspect it will be the same ingredients as v.3.0 but without sweetener. It would be amazing if it was as per 2.3. but that is just my wishful thinking.


Didn’t take photos as have had a busy morning.

The lack of texture was a worry of mine with the new ‘smoother’ wording. Will try and stock up on 2.3 as well!

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I give mine a good long blend



I don’t fully understand your comment. Did you try v3 and found it textureless?

Huel’s texture is the main reason why I am eating it… Now I’m worried as I haven’t tried v3 yet.

Yes, v3.0 to me is so smooth that it is without texture. I like the slightly grainy texture of 2.3. The irony is that although they have gone for “natural” with the vitamin sourcing, by removing the texture it feels less like real food. I mean, it’s alright. I’ll eat what I’ve bought. But I’m not buying more of it, and that’s sad, as I’ve been eating 2.3 for quite a while now.


Would you say it’s more like the texture of the RTD? Does it also have that weird taste that the tapioca starch gives the RTD?

Is it the tapioca starch that causes the weird flavour?

I can’t be sure but I think so. It’s one of the few ingredients that is different between the RTD and the powder, and also I’ve had other products with tapioca starch in them and they’ve had a similar underlying flavour.
It might not be that… I’m just guessing.
Hence why I’m interested to know if the powder now also has that weird flavour in the background


Interesting. I can detect the weird flavour, but I don’t mind it. It is most evident to me in the vanilla but noticeable across the range.


I haven’t tried it as yet. I didn’t like the change of consistency from V1.2, the current v2.3 is a lot thicker and slick/oily than V1.2. When I heard the mention of ‘smoother’ for v3 it made me worry that any texture would be gone and we would end up with a textureless milkshake/yoghurt.

Never had RTD so can’t comment I’m afraid. Almost at a loss for words, I can only repeat that to me it is basically without texture or flavour. I made some 2.3 and 3.0 side by side at breakfast to compare and was really disappointed :frowning: as I genuinely expected it to be identical at least in flavour.

What flavour did you get?

Ugh I really hope it doesn’t get this strange flavour like the rtd. I find it totally unpalatable. Yuck.


I like the texture and taste of all the RTD’S but they’ve always tasted this way. I haven’t tried v3 yet but I’m not sure I’d like my powders to taste the same. I like the gritty texture.

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I like my powders like I like my women…gritty

V3.0 powder tastes nothing like RTD. So far I have bought Vanilla and Coffee. They taste like V2.3 but the texture is different. For want of a better word ‘thinner’. I am using less water to get the consistency I am used to.

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Vanilla, not fond of other flavours.