Time to say goodbye

I’ve been a Huel user for many years, and thought I would be for a few more, but sadly, I can’t cope with 3.0…

I tried GF Black and GF 3.0, and both leave me with appallingly bad breath; I’ve retrieved a bag of 2.3, and no problems with halitosis at all. Both my husband and cat can tell the difference between the two, and it’s evident by the distance thy keep from me…

Along with the taste and consistency of the new Flavour Powders, I have made the reluctant decision to cancel my subscription, and wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of a UK-based alternative?

I’m actually really upset and disappointed with this, as Huel has helped me through eating problems and I don’t know what to do from here…

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I’ve used https://genesisfoods.co in the past as an alternative to Huel but can’t see if they do subscriptions. I’ve also tried Saturo who do offer subscriptions.

Huel 2.3 is still available for the time being. If you had 2.3 Original on subscription you can still keep ordering. Otherwise you can order from Huel outlet. I’m assuming you are from UK? Ah yes, I see you mentioned UK in your post.

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Any idea what could be in the new formula that is causing your halitosis??

It’s supercaloriefridgenewmix that gives me halitosis
Even now the smell of it
Is something quite atrocious
If you say it loud enough
You’ll always sound precocious
Supercaloriefridgenewmix gives me halitosis


We tested it with 2.3 but all our breathes were fine,
Then with 3 we added kelp, people began to whine,
We released black and fixed all the issues people had with 3,
And now we are having problems with the RTD!


It’s the kombucha that’s doing me; I’ll get as much as I can of the 2.3, and then move on.

Is it though? The amount added to supply b vitamins is tiny compared to the standard 2.3 ingredients

It’s the only ingredient I can put it down to, as everything else seems broadly the same; anyway, I had 2.3 yesterday, and no bad taste in my mouth…

What about the Tapioca Starch? That seems a more likely culprit by quantity, not that knowing which evil substitution in 3,0 is responsible helps really

You could be right; tapioca has a rather sour taste, so certainly doesn’t help. Either way, 3.0 isn’t for me, and I’ve just ordered 4 bags of 2.3 until I can give others a go.

Sadly this is the big downside to Huel. It is a great product, and you can become reliant on it as part of your diet and routine. But it will change, and each version brings a risk that something you currently enjoy could no longer be that anymore.

I hope you find something to replace it with that you enjoy once again.

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It’s weird that my initial experience of v3 was that it tasted almost identical to 2.3 and the texture was slightly less gritty… so overall positive.
But over the last couple of weeks I’m just not enjoying my Huel like I was before.
Whereas v2.3 I became more and more fond of, the more I drank, v3 I become less fond of every day.
There’s definitely a slightly sour after taste that lingers and puts me off after a while.
My experience with Black Edition is the same.

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Pretty sure the tapioca is the culprit, Christine, having done some research.

I’m coeliac, and have cooked for myself pretty much since I could reach a stove, but tapioca is something I’ve never used; however, after reading up quite a bit last night, i discovered that the older the tapioca, the more sour it becomes.

Best case with tapioca then, is to grind it yourself and use straight away; not knowing if Huel uses ready ground from another source adds to my uncertainty.

I’m with you on the taste; I absolutely loved Huel before, but the more I tasted 3.0, the more bitter it seemed.


Having tried both v3.0 and Black find I still prefer v2.3 Original.


I wondered if there is a different burn rate in the body with the v3.0 and black. If you are burning fat quicker, then ketosis causes bad breath.

Have you asked Huel to see if they could produce more of the v2.3 product for people who prefer it, say in unflavoured and have add-on flavour powders. If there is a call for the older version of the product, they could have a batch made for those who prefer the old version.

I see there are some sellers on eBay selling v2.3, which is an alternative direction.

It was mentioned on launch of v3.0 that if demand was sufficient they may produce more v2.3 Original. I would welcome this but reckon we’ll just have to wait and see.


I’d like to see v2.3 UU continued also…

They just told me to get it on Outlet… :frowning:

I might make myself a pain and keep pestering them then!

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