Won't be carrying on buying 3.0

Hmmmmm mixed verdicts so far.
Personally I like UU. I love the earthy oaty taste and love to drink it on its own or with cacao. I hope v3 UU is still the same pleasant flavour

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I’ve had some chocolate and vanilla V3 and have to say the only things I’m not happy with so far is there’s a slight aftertaste to chocolate that wasn’t present in 2.3 (the tastes are pretty similar though, basically unchanged) and the zip lock on both bags won’t shut right. In all honesty I wholly prefer V3 to 2.3, I never really adjusted to it coming from 2.2. The probiotics were a good addition to so I don’t have to pay for actimels to help alleviate the farts from 2.3 either haha

I tried 3.0 today in my usual chocolate flavour…the taste is completely different. Sweeter and a bit like a milder RTD flavour (which I did not like BTW, tasted like hay). I like the improvement in texture, it is really smooth with no gritty bits and I prefer it this way. First sip I took I was not fond of the taste, so I put it in the fridge for an hour and had another sip. Tastes better chilled. But yes the taste is so different to the previous version. I personally am happy with the addition of pro/prebiotics, not with the decrease in fibre. I’ve put the rest back in the fridge and will have for breakfast tomorrow so will give my final verdict on taste then.

I thought the decrease in fibre was tiny? (I’ve not checked actual figures)

It’s strange how some people are reporting it tastes the same and others reporting it tastes completely different!

I’ll find out for myself at some point but I’ve decided to use up all the Huel products I have left before buying more. I seem to have a stockpile as I keep getting curious to try all the flavours!

It’s 1.2g less per 100g for chocolate. I’m currently having lots of stomach issues so finding it hard to get my fibre from good sources like veg fruit and wholegrains…Huel is good to help me with this. I guess not an issue for the average person but for me every little helps and I’m missing those grams!

That is strange! I’ve had my shake for breakfast having left it chilling overnight. It is definitely much sweeter than 2.3. It is like a happy medium between 2.3 chocolate powder and the chocolate RTD. I think I like it.

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Stop this now please.


Let’s have something new for the new year

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Sorry, could you elaborate? Is 3.0 no longer vegan?

It is, but they can’t guarantee it’s free of allergens.

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Because the iodine is now from kelp instead of from synthetic sources, they can’t guarantee Huel free of fish/shellfish for allergy purposes. However, in the same way a box of rolled oats is vegan in spite of the pretty much assured presence of unlucky insects, Huel is still vegan in spite of fishy fragments. Because people aren’t typically allergic to insects, the law does not require the potential presence of insects to be declared on the packaging.


Ah, I see. Thanks for the heads up!