Huel Black Edition vs V3.0?

I am really enjoying Huel Black edition Chocolate and Vanilla, I have yet to try V3.0 Chocolate and Vanilla as I am waiting for the kelp free version to enter the supply chain (has this happened yet?) How does the taste and texture compare between Huel Black edition Chocolate and Vanilla and V3.0 Chocolate and Vanilla?

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I’ll let others compare the flavour of Chocolate/Vanilla/v3.0/Black but

It’s a slow change over so that no stock is wasted. Currently in the UK Berry, Coffee and Unflavoured are now without kelp. Vanilla should be soon. In the EU v3.0 Chocolate has switched.

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Thank you for the kelp update on v3.0 @Tim_Huel

What’s wrong with kelp?

Nothing really but because of including it Huel had to put ‘may contain fish, crustaceans and molluscs’ on the packaging although all test results came back with a round 0 so even if there were any traces then even the precise instruments could not detect it as the traces were non-existent.
This made people very angry as Huel wasn’t ‘vegan’ anymore although even the vegan society or some other official organisation still stated that Huel is vegan.

TL;DR Storm in a teacup.

Hi @julette @KarlBerg some people are very allergic to ‘crustaceans and molluscs’ which meant that it was no longer possible to eat Huel.

All tests showed absolutely no traces of crustaceans or molluscs in Huel. They had to add ‘may contain fish, crustaceans and molluscs’ because of legal reasons while in reality it wasn’t even possible.

It was possible. They said they looked for a supplier where it wasn’t possible, but didn’t manage to do it.

It they had managed it, there’d be no legal requirement to add that text. Or maybe if they’d tested every single batch they sent out, but that would probably be expensive.

That and Kelp harvesting being particularly destructive to marine habitats.

Not quite, Dan pointed out that apparently the Vegan society are fairly lax about vegan products having "may contain animals’ on the label.

Anyone with a shellfish allergy, quite rightly, wouldn’t touch something with that warning on it and likewise many vegans saw it and had serious pause.

Whether or not fish etc actually were in Huel or not didn’t matter, the label said they might be - it should have been obvious as the huge problem that it was before it got through the idea generation stage.

But yeah, it’s been removed now so let’s stop going on about it :slight_smile:

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