Clarification on Kelp removal from v3

it still says in the ingredients its got Kelp in it:

are huel now selling Kelpless v3 (gluten free)



Updates near the end of this thread. You posted there!

pardon me for being efficient and not reading every sjngle word of every single post… but its not clear that the gluten free is now kelpless


since the ingredients still say its in it.

update por favor

i was born in england but the US forum, people are so much clearer and efficient.

people in england tend to want to try and prove theyre Right by arguing their case… and a lot of the posts on this forum are filled with argumentative opinions and non clarity.

and plus if your not selling it with kelp any more why is the ingredients not updated.

clarity please… vital for efficiency.

do you expect me to sift thru All the posts to find an answer where in the first place the list of ingredients say otherwise.

speak louder

That’s why I said it’s near the end, so you wouldn’t have to read the whole thing. It lists the flavours that are now kelp free.

but if you scroll back to the top and read the first post, it also explains why the ingredients on the website haven’t been updated yet.

I’m trying to be helpful, Matt. I do that sometimes. :grinning:

Edit: additional note you might find useful. The gluten free and standard versions are identical. If it says chocolate, it means both gluten free and standard.


i love u davide

so to be Crystal Clear

gluten free 3 is totally and utterly mollusc free ?

My last 3.0 that arrived 2 months ago was already without kelp or any mollusc warning @matt009

Buy it with no worries

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i miss the v3

im coming home!


We are sending out kelp-free Huel yes. However not all of the pouches are kelp-free just yet. This is because we still have some kelp pouches left. So we are waiting until all flavours are fully kelp-free, as it fluctuates daily, then we will change the ingredient lists on site.


so , i dont want kelp and my next sub date is 29/6/20

can you make sure i get kelp free version please. @DanOfficialHuel

i will give you any details in advance…

Here’s a run down on what still has kelp in:

UK Store

  • Coffee
  • Mint-Chocolate
  • GF Mint Chocolate
  • GF Unflavoured & Unsweetened

General EU Store

  • Coffee
  • Mint-Chocolate
  • GF Mint Chocolate
  • GF Banana

German Store

  • GF Berry
  • GF Banana
  • GF Chocolate
  • GF Chocolate
  • GF Mint-Chocolate
  • GF Unflavoured & Unsweetened
  • GF Vanilla
  • Banana

We cannot, no. But have a look at the above list to find out which Huel Powders don’t have kelp in!

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i love you more than @David , @Tim_Huel

im not planning on orderin any of the above!

hapy days!!

thanks again…

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