Huel Powder v3.0 Coffee March vs September


Have there been any changes with the Huel Powder Coffee flavour? Because the Coffee flavour is one of my favourites, but I have noticed a big difference between my orders from March and September.

My order from September (batch 20330C) tastes a lot sweeter and in my opinion it doesn’t taste as good as my previous batches. I’ve opened 2 bags and both have the same different taste.

Has anybody noticed the difference?

Kelp was confirmed as being removed from the coffee range in April - thats the only change thats been made as far as I know.

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Hmm, I’m not sure if my previous batches contained kelp or not. I’ve already finished them all😅.

I thought maybe it was a batch error. I didn’t noticed a big difference in the other flavours between kelp and kelpless versions. If this is the new normal taste for the Coffee flavour, I’ll probably choose another flavour instead of coffee next time.

Still, I’m curious if more people have noticed the big difference.

No, I wouldn’t have thought so - as even when it was in there - it was a very, very small amount of the total volume.

Hi coffee is my favourite out of all the flavours. I cant say I have noticed any difference between now and earlier this year. The weird thing is that although I like the smell of fresh brewed coffee I dont drink it and its strange the the coffee version is my very best flavour. :tea::coffee:

I’ve tried multiple flavours with and without kelp, but I didn’t notice a big difference.

So I don’t think the difference I notice is because it’s without kelp, but I’m not sure whether my previous coffee bags where with kelp.

Could the current batch have a different ratio of ingredients? Could this be an explanation for the taste difference? I hope so, because I’m not going to order coffee flavour again if this is the normal taste, but I still have 3 bags left :sweat_smile:.

By the way my girlfriend experiences the same sweeter, less tasty taste.