Huel Powder v3.0 Coffee March vs September


Have there been any changes with the Huel Powder Coffee flavour? Because the Coffee flavour is one of my favourites, but I have noticed a big difference between my orders from March and September.

My order from September (batch 20330C) tastes a lot sweeter and in my opinion it doesn’t taste as good as my previous batches. I’ve opened 2 bags and both have the same different taste.

Has anybody noticed the difference?

Kelp was confirmed as being removed from the coffee range in April - thats the only change thats been made as far as I know.

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Hmm, I’m not sure if my previous batches contained kelp or not. I’ve already finished them all😅.

I thought maybe it was a batch error. I didn’t noticed a big difference in the other flavours between kelp and kelpless versions. If this is the new normal taste for the Coffee flavour, I’ll probably choose another flavour instead of coffee next time.

Still, I’m curious if more people have noticed the big difference.

No, I wouldn’t have thought so - as even when it was in there - it was a very, very small amount of the total volume.

Hi coffee is my favourite out of all the flavours. I cant say I have noticed any difference between now and earlier this year. The weird thing is that although I like the smell of fresh brewed coffee I dont drink it and its strange the the coffee version is my very best flavour. :tea::coffee:

I’ve tried multiple flavours with and without kelp, but I didn’t notice a big difference.

So I don’t think the difference I notice is because it’s without kelp, but I’m not sure whether my previous coffee bags where with kelp.

Could the current batch have a different ratio of ingredients? Could this be an explanation for the taste difference? I hope so, because I’m not going to order coffee flavour again if this is the normal taste, but I still have 3 bags left :sweat_smile:.

By the way my girlfriend experiences the same sweeter, less tasty taste.

I’ve tried my current batch of Coffee flavour a few times again, but I really don’t like the taste of this batch. It’s too sweet.

I’m mixing it now with chocolate flavour, which makes it much better, so I can still finish my Coffee batches. I hope the next order of the coffee flavour will taste better again, like in the past.

Hey there, thanks so much for raising this and I’m so sorry for not spotting this back in October.

Have you emailed us on with these complaints? It’s super important for us to track these methodically and by mailing we can track orders and batch numbers. If you haven’t already please do drop us an email there.

However, I have messaged our technical team and if there is anything amiss here then I’ll get back to you. So sorry you aren’t loving your Coffee Huel rn, let’s get this sorted for you!

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Are you using it in the morning only or also as a replacement for other meals?
My impression is that in the evening the taste is different, there seems to be a stronger preference for sweet taste.

Thanks for the reply. Haven’t mailed yet, because I didn’t know this was normal or not.

I’m going to send a mail to be sure :smiley:

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Mostly in the morning and afternoon, same as earlier batches.

There sometimes seem to be slight differences between batches, that’s right. I’ve also often asked myself whether this is with regard to taste and texture only or whether there are also differences in the micronutrients.

Yes please do! I believe this batch might have had some mixing issues which is why it tastes slightly different. We had this a while ago but I think maybe you’re just opening the pouches a bit later. No recipe changes but if you email the customer experience team then I’m certain they will help you out with some new pouches!

I forgot to reply. I have received 1 new bag and this one tastes a lot better!

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@Tim_Huel Hi Tim, do you know what the batch numbers of this ‘bad’ batch were? Coffee is one of my favourite flavours but the latest batch I’ve received (23024B) tastes nothing like the couple previous bags I’ve had.

Describing the taste is difficult - it tastes quite bland and not as sweet as the previous bags I’ve had. The other bags had a very strong coffee flavour whereas it’s barely perceptible in this one. It also has a slight bitter taste to it.

My friend has also got a bag of coffee from batch 23024A (note the A at the end, mine was a B) and while he has never tried coffee before, he reported that ‘it doesn’t really taste like coffee’.

If you could shed any light on this, or give me any insight to whether I’m just going mad or whether this is a known issue, it would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there, so the batch that had some blending problems was 20330C, not yours or your friends batch. The recipe has been refined now and this might explain the different in taste you have had since the last time you ordered, however we have had this recipe around since January and so far only 3 comments from customers have been logged. Do get in touch via email and the team will help you out, and also log your comments so we can track these remarks. Sorry you aren’t loving the coffee!

Did you guys get around to checking batch 23219C? First-time customer so I’m not sure if it’s how it’s supposed to taste, but as a coffee lover myself and after trying other flavours I think the coffee flavour I received is disgusting, I don’t want to drink it. The customer experience team already sorted me out, I was just wondering if it was a verified error or simply my taste buds not liking the coffee flavour? @Tim_Huel

As far as I’ve been told the problem batch was 20330C. Glad to hear the team have sorted you out!