Huel v3.0 - Seaweed smell - New version coming soon?

Hey folks - Like most of you, I was excited for Huel v3.0. I have been on Huel on/off for the past 2+ years and Banana is currently my favourite flavour.

First taste of Huel Banana v3.0 and I could sense/smell something was off. I suspected its to be from the blender’s blades. However, over the next few days I smelt the same thing in the HUEL bag - it smelt like rotting seaweed. Same smell carried over to the actual drink too.

On reading further, I saw that Kelp (a type of seaweed?) was being added to Huel v3.0 and I probed Huel customer care about this. They responded that due to customer feedback, this is now going to be removed and a new formula & batch will be replacing the current v3.0.

So, if you are close to ordering/subscribing a new shipment, I would consider freezing /pausing the order until Huel can confirm the new batch is ready to be shipped.

@HuelOfficial - If you are reading this, please get the new batches out soon. My breakfast shake almost smells like a seal just took a bath in it.

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Wow that’s interesting that you were able to taste the seaweed. I recently heard about “super-tasters”, for whom foods like tapioca, which are almost flavourless for most people, have a really strong flavour for them. I wonder if you’re a super-taster


@RyanT - Never mentioned taste in my post mate . But I can definitely smell it for sure. Looks like a lot of other people have too - hence the actions potentially resulting in Huel v3.01 soon? Just recommending folks to hold out.

I couldn’t detect any difference between v3.0 and v2.3. To be fair, I’ve mostly been drinking Berry, which smells like the apocalypse.

Everyone flipped out over kelp before the product was even available, and I think it took Huel by surprise. I’m pretty sure they decided to change the formula because of this reaction, rather than feedback from people who actually tried it.


To be fair to @RyanT you actually did mention taste.


Nope… the feedback came before people had even tried it. The reason why people asked for it to be removed was 1) the contamination risk for people allergic reaction to shellfish and 2) some were concerned that this made the product no longer vegan (although it is)


@Bee, RyanT - Edited the post to refer to SMELL. Hope that makes you happy :slight_smile:

@David - Not sure about the pre-release reactions - I was told by Huel that this was AFTER release
Their quote was

this is now being removed from powders for future orders, due to customer feedback

I can’t smell any rotten seaweed odours. With the kelp amounts being so small I would be suprised if you could tbh. But maybe my nose isn’t that sensitive!

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That doesn’t mention it being after release. They got a ton of customer feedback the moment they published the ingredient list.


Maybe the “may contain traces of fish” warning means that most bags contain no trace of fish, but one bag in a thousand contains an entire haddock.


@David - I guess you would have perhaps felt differently if you received that bag with the haddock.

Also, if they received so much feedback that they were going to remove the ingredient, why send the existing bags out anyway? Getting rid of stock ?

They’ve only just made the decision to remove it. The product had already been produced and launched. It makes no sense to throw it away.
Anyone against kelp has been able to (and still can) buy v2.3 or black instead.

I’m a super taster but actually like the taste / smell of kelp.
I’m allergic to banana however so I’m not going to offer to buy your bags of seaweed (I would if they were UU!)

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They don’t see it as a critical flaw in the product. Rather that the inclusion of kelp, and the OMG FISH warning that they’re legally required to add as a result, will cost them potential customers in the future. So they are reformulating it again, but I doubt we’ll see the new formula for a few months. Then again, they altered Huel Black in a couple of weeks.

Edit: I just had a nice big sniff of a bag of vanilla and it smells alright. I wonder if the issue is actually due to a change in the banana flavouring.

I also wonder how much kelp is actually in Huel. Didn’t they say it was just to provide a natural source of iodine? It’s second-to-last on the ingredients list anyway.


@ChristinaT - Dont think thats correct. Cant see v2.3 Huel Banana anywhere on the page (or options) subscriptions. If I had UU, I would have happily shipped you my bag of seaweed for free.

@David They may not see it that way, but if Huel werent coming up with a seaweed-less powder, they’d have lost a long-time customer for life. So I would argue it as a critical flaw.

Edit - While I wish to, I dont want to order Vanilla (just in case the smell is from the banana flavouring) and get the same bag of seaweed. I’d perhaps try the Huel Black

Here’s the outlet store @MKiran
You can buy all the v2.3 flavours except mint-choc which is sold out

Absolutely, but they lose long-time customers every time they change the formula. Everything is a critical flaw for somebody.

A lot of people hate the inclusion of kelp in v3.0. We’ve seen it mentioned countless times. But so far you’re the only person to post about the smell. I don’t believe that’s an issue for most people.

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I think that was Ron - he smells of creosote.

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Oh my god. You should go to jail for that one.

I was going to make a reference to an old strapline instead “does what it says on the tin” and say that Huel v3.0 with kelp “smells like it says on the pouch” but after your valuable feedback decided not too.

Besides that, on new years day someone flagged one of my posts (about kite surfing and wind) as being off topic. So my new year’s resolution will be to not post anything off topic*

*but as 2020 has started it will need to be a future year’s resolution. Maybe 2047 or something. This year’s one is to not add any "I Like my Huel like I like my (insert random rubbish here) posts. So far so good.

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I’m really surprised to read your comments regarding an off smell, sorry to hear that, in your email contact with us have you given batch information so we can investigate? The kelp in Huel does not smell like seaweed, we haven’t heard this report. I wonder if this is something else.

We always listen to customer feedback but I believe what you were told was in relation to Black Edition, where we have removed kelp quickly based on feedback here regarding allergen risk, not smell (link to post here).

We have not decided whether or not we are going to remove kelp in v3.0, only that we are considering it. Kelp is a great source of natural iodine and despite allergen warnings is still vegan. If we can source a clean source of kelp this is favourable. As we’ve said, your Huel shouldn’t have these off notes and this might be something different, let us know your batch number and date and we can investigate.