Has Huel ever considered adding Sea Moss & Bladderwrack?

Could this be a good addition of a natural superfood & means of adding B12/other micros?

they dabbled with adding kelp briefly but due to concerns about both introducing allergens and potentially shellfish traces - it was dropped.

We certainly thought adding kelp was a good addition to Huel, alas, Hueligans made some good points and we removed it.

As long as you promise not to bring them back from the dead and comment on them, please enjoy a few long reads here if you like!

I wouldn’t imagine ‘Bladderwrack’ in particular would land very well given the kelp history, and, well, the name of it.

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I got too nervous and locked them- :laughing:


Please correct me if I’m wrong. It seems that there has been some issues with Kelp in the past but I don’t think we should be scared off the sea just because it has fish in it. Surely it’s an easy enough issue to avoid? There have been plenty of concerns over synthetic ingredients in Huel to and sea moss is an excellent natural source of B12 & K2 as well as nearly 100 other micros.

I think it was brought up in those threads the destructive nature of the dredging to gather the kelp.

Many other potential issues too such as cross contamination from traces of shellfish, bioaccumulation of heavy metal toxins in the plants themselves etc etc. most of which are probably conveniently ignored in retail products.

It’s basically impossible to avoid a contamination risk if kelp is grown in the open ocean BUT kelp can be grown in vats which eliminates any potential allergens.

Because of the way it’s farmed pretty much any product with kelp in it also has to have “might contain fish” on the label, that’s a relatively huge deal for a product that’s also labelled as vegan.

Does beg the question, why didn’t you source it from allergen free producers then? Still blows my mind no-one at Huel thought it’d be a big deal. Unless there was someone who got to spend a week or two walking around the office ruefully shouting “I told you so”.

Because kelp farming has improved dramatically in recent years. The cost, difficulty in sourcing reliable amounts in the quantities required and vetting of suppliers that align with our values and meet our environmental and nutritional standards is not easy!

For me, a major issue with anything from the sea is the seriously bad pollution, from poo to plastics. I avoid seaweed products now because of these. For the former, especially in seas around the UK. (Do write to your MP about clean rivers and seas - if only a few bother they think clean seas and water don’t matter)

As someone who has hyperthyroidism, I would definitely not want to see bladderwrack added.