Huel: Vegan or non vegan?

I have been considering purchasing the mix but have just noticed that the kelp may contain non vegan products. It looks like the base mix is made with kelp which may contain fish, crustaceans etc… so effects all shakes. Is this the case and therefore can it legitimately be advertised as a vegan product when it may contain ingredients which are not vegan?
How about getting a vegan substitute?

The trace possibilities are small enough to be considered still as vegan by both the vegan societies in the States and Europe who both actively promote using Kelp.

However, there is some consideration underway to remove this not because of the is it/isn’t it question but to remove any possible seafood allergen risks .

Huel black does not have any kelp at all so safe to use for people with these allergies.


Huel is still absolutely vegan, don’t worry! The Vegan Society says “they are not against foods labelled as vegan also carrying a ‘may contain’ warning about animal allergens.”

We have put the statement “may contain: Crustaceans, Fish, Molluscs (from Kelp)” because it’s a legal requirement due to how kelp is harvested. But we have tested our kelp multiple times and each test has come back so small that the testing equipment can’t measure it. However, because they are allergens we want to be extra cautious. All Huel Products are vegan.


Thank you for clearing this up. Looks like Huel black is the best option.

I noticed my recent v3.0 order had a little leaflet talking about this. My first v3.0 order contained no such leaflet. It was just repeating information we’ve seen on the forum but it’s a good idea to include it.

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