Algae or Kelp Power?


I’m relatively new to Huel and this is the first topic I have started. I have been hearing great things about the health benefits, not to mention sustainability, of eating plants from the sea, such as algae or kelp.

I have found powdered algae or kelp to be widely available online and am toying with the idea of adding a scoop to a Huel shake to boost the health benefits. Has anyone tried this, what quantities have you added and what effect did it have on the taste?

Thank you


Actually kelp was recently added (and then removed from) Huel powder. The reason for the removal was largely around Huel powder needing a ‘may contain fish’ warning adding to the bag rather than negative taste or health impacts. (apparently it’s a great natural source of a number of things, so can be worth eating).

Personally though, I don’t like kelp. I’ve read that commercial kelp harvesting can be absolutely devastating to aquatic life and I’ve found it hard to work out if I’m buying from a company that prioritises ecological best practice


Very interesting.

It’s such a catch-twenty two, you want to try and eat “the right” things but can end up unintentionally having a negative indirect environmental impact. I’ll scrap the kelp idea for the time being.

I have found a supply of Organic Spirulina [algae] Powder which seems to be sustainably produced. I might try that and experiment with quantities to see what effect it has on flavour.

Thank you Tristan.

Update - So I mixed half a teaspoon of Spirulina Power into my chocolate shake. It did turn it a nice green hue and you could taste it. It wasn’t unpleasant but was not a nice as usual. Adding the same amount to the Mexican Chilli was absolutely fine so I think I will do this going forward.

Tristan is right we tried kelp in Huel as a source of iodine but unfortunately it didn’t work out.

There are some sustainability certifications which can help your decision like ASC-MSC.

You could also look at kelp or algae that is grown in fermentation tanks to skirt around any open water issues that you don’t agree with.