Sadly I have had to quit Huel after 3.0

I’ve been using the Huel powders for over a year now and it’s basically been my breakfast every day. I’ve really enjoyed it.

The main reason I started using Huel is that I had been having digestive issues which massively improved when I cut out gluten. I wanted a meal and snacks that could allow me to keep my calories high even though I had to remove gluten from my diet. I followed this diet with Huel for 6 months and I felt amazing.

Fast forward to the launch of v3.0. My digestive issues started to occur again which didn’t make sense to me as I had been really careful. I tried a number or eliminations to see if they made a difference but unfortunately not.

I got pretty desperate at this point so I ordered an intolerance test from York labs. When I got the results back I discovered I was actually fine with wheat and gluten but I was 100/100 for Yeast!

After reading more about sources of yeast I realised 3.0 had kombucha added to it which contains yeast.

Damn, I cut out the Huel and my digestive issues are gone again.

Yeast is an interesting one as it still stops me from having bread and cakes etc etc but it’s a lot harder to find it in the ingredients.

I have seen that some people stay on 2.3. Do Huel still supply 2.3? Or will this be discontinued as soon as stock is out?

I guess as long as Huel have yeast in their products I won’t be able to take it.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance!

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v2.3 is no longer available.

Kombucha powder has no living yeast.

I felt that v3 affected me but Black Edition does not. Not quite sure why. I am going to try another bag of v3 added to my next order of BE just to be sure. I was also eating bars and granola at that time, which I no longer do, so want to rule out a possible connection there.

yeah this is odd - as the pasteurisation of the tea powder should have eliminated the yeast and alcohol completely.

So what would the point be of adding Kombucha to Huel then? I thought Kombucha produced living yeast/probiotics.

Are there any other sources of Yeast in 3.0 which are not in 2.3?


as a natural source of B vitamins from what I can remember,

That’s a question many of us asked when v3.0 was released. It ended up being the typical marketing to appeal to the uninformed/uneducated masses where artificial = bad, natural = good.

According to ingredients list, there should be no living yeast in v3.0. The only intentionally alive ingredient in Huel is Bacillus Coagulans.

As Phil said kombucha is a source of b vitamins.

Thanks for the replies guys. Still a bit of a mystery then. I will give black edition a go.