Candida huel 3.0

I’ve had some really severe issues (like rectal bleeding causing me to require 6 units of blood in the past half a year) and I’ve found since I’ve cut out yeast from my diet that has resolved. I am thus very suspicious of anything that contains yeast (and I am not approaching this from a pseudoscience “my naturopath told me” perspective).

I know huel is low in sugars but 3.0 seems to include kombucha which I believe contains yeast, am I correct and if so is there a yeast free huel powder?

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it contains a very, very small amount of kombucha tea powder which is pasteurised so shouldn’t have any remaining active yeast or alcohol content. someone please feel free to correct me if that isn’t the case,

Hey @vegancookies - welcome to the Huel forum :slight_smile:

If you have to avoid yeast, I would avoid Huel v3.0 and Black Edition powders. They both contain kombucha tea powder, which does contain yeast. We do not test whether or not the kombucha tea powder is yeast-free, so as mentioned, I would avoid those two products!

We do have a bunch of other products, which may be more suitable as they do not contain kombucha tea powder. Take a look here: Choosing the right Huel product

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