Kombucha and caffeine

We’ve had it confirmed that the kombucha powder and therefore Huel Powders (except chocolate and coffee) contain no caffeine.

That is all.


Ugh, and I was here thinking I’d get an easy fix… :unamused:

Just kidding! Happy for everyone who was concerned about this :slight_smile:

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Nice work.

Are tests also in progress to determine alcohol and yeast amounts?

I know the alcohol will be negligible, but it may also be zero, which may help anyone who is concerned for religious or other reasons.

Personally I’m concerned about yeasts but actually numbers won’t help me: I’ll just try it and find out for myself!
I’m gonna wait a bit tho as my body is all over the place post-surgery and after 10 days of hospital food. My digestion, bowels and skin are all suffering so now isn’t a great time to test something new. I’ll get back to my normal healthy self first and then try v3 and see if the yeasts affect me. Fingers tightly crossed all will be well :grin::crossed_fingers:


Hope the surgery has been a success and you’re soon off the pain meds. Have they mentioned home yet?

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They already responded to the alcohol content:

Yeast I’m not sure on as I cant recall seeing any mention of it being introduced? you mean in the powdered Kombucha? As its been introduced in a powdered form - this is usually pasteurised so elements such as alcohol and yeast are eliminated.


I doubt there would be any issues with the alcohol content for any religion due to the very small amount. In Islam for example, fermented drinks like kefir and kombucha are consumed and not considered as haram - as the minute traces are not sufficient to cause intoxication no matter the quantity drunk. In cases like this where there are more positive healthy benefits associated to the drink, it can be considered as halal. The line appears to be drawn similar to that of FDA descriptives - where a drink can be considered as non-alcoholic if the alcohol volume is 0.5% or less.

Thanks @Bee I got home a couple days ago :grin:
My skin rash had cleared already and I’m feeling so much better being at home. They really were fab at looking after me but there’s no place like home, huh?! :slight_smile:


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