Does Kombucha Powder Contain Caffeine?

Hi, my wife has a severe allergy to caffeine, which can be fatal, so it’s vital I know if the Kombucha powder used in Huel powder is 100% caffeine free. I am aware that a couple of flavours are advertised as containing caffeine, however all the rest still have Kombucha powder in them, and to my knowledge Kombucha is a Tea that contains caffeine.

I am interested to hear about this, according to the nutritional values only the coffee flavour has a value of caffeine that is large enough to be listed. THere might be traces in the other flavours, but it depends on what they used for the Kombucha, as it is mostly made with tea, but sometimes made with lemongrass which is caffeine free as far as I know. We’ll see when one of the experts logs on with all the knowledge.

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Hey, I am going to add to what I previously said.

As your wife has a severe caffeine allergy I would avoid any products that contain kombucha or green tea extract because even if test results come back as 0mg of caffeine there could still be traces that cause an allergic reaction.

Thank you for the information

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