Issues with the Kombucha Powder?

tldr; has anyone had issues since they started adding Kombucha Powder to Huel Black Edition?

I’m someone that’s like super sensitive to alcohol - when I drink it, I get red, get headaches and feel a pounding in my head and chest. Consequently I (unfortunately or fortunately) don’t drink alcoholic beverages at all! Now I know a very small amount of alcohol is traditionally present in Kombucha.

From what I understand from the “Huel Version 3.0- The Principal Changes” it states “[Kombucha is] present as a powder and does not contain any alcohol”.

However, ever since the new recipe I have that same sensation I get from drinking alcohol every time I consume about two-three meals (so four to six scoops) of Huel Black Edition. My head starts to pound, and my face actually gets a little red.

Can’t tell if I’m just imagining this so I thought I’d check with y’all? For now I’m gonna pause using the powder products and try the Ready-To-Drink because I don’t think that has the Kombucha Powder yet.

Any thoughts @Dan_Huel?

The alcohol as a result of the kombucha is negligible, it isn’t going to have an impact on you. How long have been having Huel? Black Edition has been around for quite a while, so the recipe isn’t new, if you’re only just noticing this now I think the cause is something else.

This is correct! :angel:

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