V3.0 Powder has a slight fungal aroma... HELP!

I’ve used Huel on and off for a long time now, and have recently started back on it. Upon opening the more recent bags, I can usually just smell whatever flavour it is I’ve bought (Usually either coffee or chocolate), but after a week or so, that smell seems to dissipate and all I can smell is a slightly mushroom-y odour.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has noticed this, or has feedback. I’ve not noticed any mould growth (Although I don’t know how noticeable this would be in a powder), and, although I FEEL like I can taste it when mixed, I think that’s maybe just my imagination, and it doesn’t seem to knock me ill or anything. Our flat does have mould pop up now and then, but not to any extremes, but I think I’m just panicking due to this. Any input APPRECIATED…! :kissing_heart:

Also, I realise v3.0 has Kombucha in it, and I’m kinda hoping this is where the smell is coming from, but no idea.

On a side note, but also smell related, anyone noticed their pee smelling sweet, and has a reason been established? I know there’s been other threads in the past about this, but I definitely got a little worried about diabetes for a while, but only notice this occurrence after I’ve drank Huel that day… Odd :sweat_smile:

Anyhow, thanks for reading, and hope someone can make it so I’m not afraid to mix up a Huel again.

the amount of kombucha tea powder is minuscule and it’s also pasteurised so cant see how that would have any impact?

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I know… Wishful thinking? :see_no_evil:

Yes… with v3 this has become an issue for me. Personally it’s caused by the addition yeasts I think, or possibly the probiotics which have changed my usual gut flora and created havoc in my gut.
I was initially really happy with the addition of probiotics to v3 as I have to take probiotics daily and they are expensive, but v3 has recreated all the problems I used to suffer with, prior to cutting out yeast, and adding in probiotics to my diet.
I’m going to go back to v2.3 until it runs out.


My first thought was parosmia but I bet the Kombucha on the label is actually bringing on phantosmia in a few people :wink:

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interesting possibility

I’d consider this, but initially I’d actually forgotten it even had it in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Honestly, I’m just looking for any viable explanation so that I can keep chuggin’ 'em down without that thought at the back of my mind, ‘Mmmm, mould smoothie’… :nauseated_face:

This isn’t anything against Huel, love the stuff and have been buying it for many years, I just wondered if anyone else had the same experience, as if it’s just me, chances are my mouldy flat has claimed another victim :sob:

Ha I was half joking :wink:

I had to use a different bottle the other day, one with a sports lid like you’d see on a runners water bottle… anyway I had some Huel Black from it and it tasted amazing. Flavour and texture just lovely. Up to that point I’d been really struggling with ‘something’ about HB that was putting me off. So it seems there might be something to the smell.

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