Huel Smell

Got my first batch of huel on 02/10/2017. but the smell is stopping me from consuming it, when i drink it, i have to try and not gag. is there anything that can be done to mask the smell? I’ve read a bit, and got some vanilla extract and cacoa powder so going to try them later tonight.

Dont have an issue with the smell - which version have you bought - Vanilla or U/U ?

Is it the smell of the powder or the smell of the shake you don’t like? How does it taste? Sometimes it takes a bit of getting used to, try adding your own flavours and see what happens

The batch is v2.2 vanilla. and I strongly dislike the smell of both the powder and the shake. I’ve tried adding vanilla extract and cacoa powder both separate and together. (you never know). And the smell is still there. :frowning:

what does it smell like to you ?

I’m not sure i could describe it, as never smelt anything like it. sorry

Can’t say I have this problem, though I did find the sweetness of vanilla hard to handle at first. I would suggest 2 things 1) make it the evening before and chill it, cold things are generally less aromatic anyway (particles moving slower and all that), plus I find chilled Huel has a less strong sweetness to it. 2) The other thing I would try is mixing half and half vanilla and UU Huel, this (obviously) halves the sweetness (and therefore the sweet smell?) Failing that, perhaps try all UU and then add in a flavour booster of your choice (or your own flavour, like coffee?)

Good luck, it’s worth persevering :slight_smile:

Leave it in the fridge overnight

I found new vanilla unbearable but UU and original vanilla are both fine for me. Have you tried them?

To use up my new vanilla I baked cookies with it and they were yummy!