Constipation problems

I was wondering if I should worry about a bit of constipation since starting out on Huel ?
I’ve been using the berry and coffee Huel for the last 2 weeks, and having my usual porridge for breakfast. I also have tangerines through the day and cups of coffee, other than that I’ve kept off the ‘normal’ food but I don’t ‘go’ once a day as I used to. Is this my insides getting used to the change ? Or should I be cutting out porridge too? (Porridge and milk).
I’ve lost 7 pounds in weight and feel good, I’m just concerned about the constipation.
Thank you for any advice.
Ps. I’m 56 yrs old, on my feet most of the day, weight is 80kg and height is 5ft 7.

Drink more water. Huel has a lot of fibre. Drinking plenty water will most likely resolve your problem


Sorry to hear about the problems here. Constipation can be caused be either too much or too little fibre. I would echo @ChristinaT’s thoughts on increasing your water intake though. It’s also worth noting that not going every day is normal for some, we’re all a bit different and you probably should only be concerned if you haven’t gone 3 times in a week, according to the NHS.

Thank you Christina, I’ll see what happens.

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