Could you offer a Tetrapack packaging?

I think the plastic bag is good but should be bigger in size. You should offer bottles of tetrapack with an specific opener to maximise the space in the deliveries and in our houses. Bottles of 2-2.5L all square, like the milk ones.

What do you think?

I prefer the idea of a powder refillable Huel Tetrapack. The idea is to have the bags as refills and the bottle to serve the huel powder. That would be very appealing to use.

PS: I tried to use a Joylent Bottle as a refillable huel powder and the Huel powder because of its density, gets stucked all the time in the opener. The opener is 2,5cm width.

Bottles of Huel? Or bottles of ready made Huel?

Bottles full of the huel powder. The soylent drink system is horrible. But the only way of using the tetrapack would be with bottles of 2 liters or more.

Hmm… I think bags are better, for space conservation and ease of use. What advantage would tetrapak have over bags?

Interesting thoughts, what are your reasons for wanting to use Tetra packs? I’m not sure that they would save space as the volume would still be the same. Do you mean these?

Also, I think you are the only person to request larger packaging! We are exploring alternative packaging options at the moment though.

How many liters or volume is in the huel bags? Like 4 liters each one? You could offer other solution to make the usage more accesible with 2,5 liters tetrapack. Or even a refillable tetrapack style bottle that you could create and sell in your online shop.

A very strong tetrapack style with a big mouth or opener to serve the huel and easy to refill from the bags.

You could make those 2 aproach:

  • Try and offer a solution of big tetrapacks (normally very reciclables). But they have to be big because Huel is related with the sustainability. It wouldnt make sense to make 1 liter huel.

  • Create a product in colaboration with tetrapack to make people aware of the Huel relation with the environment and create a Tetrapack refillable. The good thing of huel is that is not a liquid, so it doesnt pollute or mess the tetrapack. The thing is that in this case, the whole product would be critic to the food system of nowadays of creating tons and tons of packagings everyday for very small quantities of food. This would be a reminder of from where we came, the enormous waste in the food logistic system of today and the goal of the future, using a tetrapack as something “vintage”. The huel tetrapack would be something durable, at least 1 year and of course biodegradable. You could send as a gift for the subscription, for the 1 or 2 years customers or as something you sell. The aim would be to substitute those gallons and gallons of milk, water and juices that we buy and waste everyday and have only one tetrapack in our houses, like I said, as a critic to our non sustainable society.

Got Huel?

I like the big bags of huel, is efficient and I dont like the Joylent style of lots of tiny bags. I think food is serious, and the environment is something that we should care and have in mind in all our movements, specially for companies.

I explained my 2 ideas of the tetrapack below :wink:

The bags system are good, but it seems like an alpha, like a beta product, something not finished or established. I like the idea of using big bags to reduce the used packaging but the system to serve the huel from the bag feels very like a protein shake or something for the gym. Thats why I think the bags should be a refill system of something you havent created yet.

The Tetrapack system is one aproach, is not the best, but could be very attractive. Also you could send a Huel dispenser when someone buys the anual subscription. That would make Huel much more stable and profesional and less crafty.

Like this

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Ready mixed in these please…!!

Not mixed because that would be the same system as Soylent and that is super inefficient. One bottle per meal is crazy. I prefer a big bottle of Huel without being mixed. Specially if its refillable. Then you only refill twice a week.

All depends how you want to use it I guess. For me, I’d be really happy with a fridge full of bottles / tetrapaks that I grab as and when I need them.

Mmm super expensive. I know is very convinient but you loose the biggest advantages of huel, the sustainability and the easy to storage…

You would need bottles and bottles in the house

I don’t see any big sustainability issues so long as the packaging is recyclable. But aye, would take up more space than bags of powder. But I got along ok with storing lots of ‘normal’ food before I switched to sacks of powder :wink:

Besides, those that use soylent RTD tend to have subscriptions with smaller amounts arriving more regularly, they don’t have to order 120 bottles in one go every time.

And what about the price? Soylent drink is almost 2,5€ per bottle, making it more than 350€ per month. The whole concept of affordable, easy and sustainable food is out then

Hm. €2.50 per meal is more expensive than the powder sure, I’ll agree with that, but it’s still way cheaper than most ‘normal’ meals.

That’d be environmentally friendly right? Stacking a lorry full of bottles of a product where over 90% of the volume is water. Fantastic idea.

Or, how about we just send bags of the powder and let people put the water in themselves? Oh wait…



I’ve been eating Huel since not long after launch. I recommend it all the time. The powder is awesome, but that doesn’t automatically discount ready mixed being a good idea.

It might not appeal to you but it’s where the market is going and ready mixed will appeal to far more people than powder ever will :wink:

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That’s not my point, my point is your suggestion fundamentally contradicts one of Huel’s aims as a business, which they’ve stated multiple times. One of their core priniciples is being kind to the environment. Packing a lorry full of ready made product when they could be shipping powder completely goes against that.


Huel’s mission

To make nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food, with minimum impact on the environment and animals.

Under “What we’re all about”

Being environmentally friendly– being vegan and producing zero food waste means we have much less of an environmental impact on the planet than many other food products.

Ready to drink Huel still delivers on both of those. Powder is ‘better’ than RTD, but both are better than normal food production and in the end it’ll come down to mainstreaming the category - your average person on the street simply won’t buy a sack of powder for a meal, but they will buy a bottled drink.

That choice will be better for them and for the environment.

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Rubbish. It might well sell but it will never be enviro friendly. Sorry but no rational person could conclude otherwise. AIUI The team behind Huel genuinely care about such issues so I can guess their response to you but it’d be nicer to actually read it. I wonder where Tim is…

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