Could you offer a Tetrapack packaging?

No it does not. Think of the space available in the back of a lorry. You can either fill it with hundreds, maybe thousands of Huel bags all compressed together, or you can fill it with bottles. Each bottle takes up say 5cm x 5cm x 20cm and contains at most 3 scoops of Huel. That space could have been used by possibly even an entire bag.

Less Huel per lorry = More lorries required = More fuel burned to deliver less Huel.

Thats it… Most is water and the transport of it is very non sustainable. Is the same as the transport of the lettuces, they are so light and big per weight that are the most non sustainable product to transport. All of this counts to reduce the carbon footprint.

I never said bottles or tetrapack ready to go, just empty bottles to refill with the huel powder, to be more appealing in the kitchen

Mmm I dont like the idea. Economically I think that would be good for Huel if they continue offering the powder, but as other one said… They are selling you water and you have that in your house…

Of course it would. Less so than powdered Huel sure, but still better for the world than ‘normal’ western diets.

Saturo, Mana, Aussielent, Soylent, Komplete - these are all ready to drink, they’re all sustainable and recyclable products.

I’ve never ordered a lorries worth, my Huel usually arrives in the back of an half empty DPD van :wink:

Honestly; I just don’t understand the hostility to the idea.

I just made this from a milk tretrapack. I Only removed some parts to make it quickly. This is one idea for the packaging. But this would be an optional bottle, something to send with a suscription or to buy in the huel shop. The goal is to make much more appealing the process of serving the powder and the appearance of the storage. Is much more attractive a rigid or semi rigid bottle than the big bag. The only thing to worry would be the refillable method once per 4-5 days from the Huel bag. Bigger, larger spoon? Different type of system?

I would like to have in this case always the bottle of huel in the kitchen or even in the fridge. The bottle should be easy to wash, maybe the bottom of the bottle could be an oppener for the refillable process and for washing.

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Dont worry, there is no hostility, but having prepared or ready to go huel would lose or reduce the goals of the vision of the company and its customers. :wink:

But like… Why would I use this over a bag?

A bag is super easy and super convenient. Not sure why I’d want this huge thing loitering in the kitchen?

Um, I know; I was replying to Tristan. No harm done.